Every entrepreneurial journey starts with a dream and a plan to set that dream into motion. Working towards your goal needs a plan to be in place so that you are well accounted for anything that comes along your way.

One of the biggest problems with success books and business tips is that it only provides you with details on how to succeed. From tips and tricks to inspirational stories and ideas, there are many pointers that point you towards the right direction.

While that is necessary, there is a serious lack of articles that don’t tell you what the strategy to failure are. This is something you should definitely give a read as it can help you weed out all the small things you might be doing wrong and in turn jeopardizing your company without realizing!

  • Over-planning

No company gets off on the right foot without meticulous planning and foreseeing the kind of difficulties that you might face. However, you need to be careful about the kind of goals you set for yourself. More often than not, you might end up setting an unrealistic goal for the company to achieve because your plan tells you this is the right way to expand. This can take a toll on your employees and your work can definitely take a hit.

While planning is an extremely necessary process, it needs to be set to realistic goals and all the facets of the company need to be included in the same.

  • Quick expansion

This is one of those strategies that has been noticed as a pattern in many failing companies. Expansion is a process that occurs with every company but you need to calculate if the time is right before you take the plunge. Many a time, companies assume it is a good time to expand and go ahead without taking in every account such as employees, work load, budget, space, deadlines and then the company ends up struggling to meet ends.

  • Doubtfulness

It is normal to be plagued  with doubts when you begin your company. Are you doing the right thing? Can you catch up? Will this be a successful venture? However, if you do not conquer these doubts in the initial phase itself, it will lead to uncertainty and fear in making every decision. This can hurt the company and yourself in the long run so when you start a venture, you need to believe in it completely.

  • Giving up

No venture can churn out profits from the moment it is established. You need to be ready to handle the initial setbacks and plan ahead for the same so you are ready to face it. If you give up as soon as you face a problem, that is definitely one of the biggest strategies to failure.

Getting your venture running needs a lot of mettle, determination and hard work, which means you need to be prepared for everything that life throws in your way. Prepare ahead so you can avoid these strategies to failure.