There are times when many of us are also scared of success


Many people are scared of success. It sounds strange but it is in fact more common than we think. This fear of success is by and large unconscious – people do not even realize that they are stopping themselves from becoming successful because inside they are terrified of what will happen when they succeed.

This state of mind can actually cause you to miss out on opportunities that present themselves to you. Because you are afraid you are not comfortable taking risks and therefore you do not progress – you stay in the same place, you may even move backwards. Holding yourself back because your fear is the main obstacle in your path to success. And in order to overcome this fear, you need to understand what causes the fear and what are the symptoms of the fear.

The fear stays in your subconscious

When you are on the verge of success and feel agitated, irritated and worried, when you keep procrastinating, when you keep making excuses for not completing something, when you get snappy for no reason, it means you are scared – if you ignore this and try to carry on, the fear stays in your subconscious and makes you behave in this negative manner. So to get out of this feeling, admit to yourself that you are scared and then try to focus on what is the cause of the fear so that you can handle it properly.

People feel scared of success for many reasons. They are afraid of change, they don’t know if they can cope with the new challenges, demands and pressures that come with success so they would rather not take the risk and do well – they want to maintain the status quo which is familiar. Success raises the bar on their performance and they are worried they may not be able to cope with higher expectations. A lot of people think that their success will earn them false friends and enemies (and in many cases it does) so they don’t want success in case they lose their friends. They also feel that success will change them as people – they think that they don’t deserve their successor they are worried they may not be able to stay at the top.

Change your way of thinking

It is this thinking that keeps people back from achieving success. People themselves are responsible for being afraid of going towards success. So the remedy is to change your way of thinking – you have come so far on your efforts, so push yourself to cross the finishing line. Have faith in yourself and tell yourself that success will enable you to do more, to contribute more. Yes some people will not like it that you are successful, they will envy you – so build new networks and new support systems. Find people you can learn from who will teach you how to cope with success. Think through the factors that are making you feel afraid and then deal with them one by one.

Success is an exhilarating feeling. Enjoy it. Revel in it. And use it to move on to greater goals, bigger dreams. Do not stop yourself on the threshold of success. Overcome your fears and be free.