Failure is the stepping stone to success. And if people around you think you are stupid, then you have all the more reasons to go on. It is very easy to be bogged down by taunts and sarcasm from people while you are struggling to build your path to success. But if you are determined and know what you are doing, understanding the pros and cons, there is no reason for you to stop and turn. The idea is to keep going.

Achieving wisdom from intoxicating environment

People will talk and do everything to put you down, discourage you, spit sarcasm and pessimism at you. Why? Because you chose an extraordinary path and decided to reject being the guinea pig on the wheel.

It is rather mean to label people as “toxic,” but there isn’t a better word to describe such individuals who can only think of demeaning others. The real reason behind their behaviour is that they just cannot come to terms with those who dream and turn them into a successful reality. They see their failure, their inability to make it while paving your path to success.

Best way out is to be inspired by their vengeful words, get motivated and even more determined to make it big in life. Convert the negative energy into positive which will give you the power to work harder.

Focus. Faith. Flourish

It is crucial for you to keep your focus on what you have aimed for and not to get swayed by such toxic people. Keep your faith in what you believe in and not get blinded by what the world has to say that will deviate you from your track. If your focus and faith are not disturbed, there is nothing that can stop you from flourishing.

Be in control of your life and decisions and choose the right people you want to surround yourself with. The problem with having toxic people around is that they affect your attitude and your ability to reach your goals. Eventually, nagging, negative remarks will start to get to you. And one day it will hit you where it hurts the most, damaging your financial and career growth.

Don’t forget how Steve Jobs rose from classic ideator and inventor to a billionaire CEO of Apple. His start off wasn’t all starry. The number of times he was rejected and even thrown out of his company by his people is incredible. But did any of this stop him from doing what he loved the most? No! He still flourished and became the owner of the most innovative of products of the century. He is a case study right in front of you to be inspired.

Filter, but never falter

It is advisable to extract all the suspected toxic people in your life who spread jealousy, negativity and keep undermining your goals. No matter how wise and polite you’ll be with them, they will never lose and opportunity to discourage you and divert you from your plans. Such relationships are unhealthy and harmful, for not only you but anyone who wishes to achieve big in life.

Choose the right set of people for your business. Individuals who understand you and support you. Such people will not only inspire you to be constructive but also help you in achieving your goals.

It’s ok to filter out what is damaging for you, but not good to falter while you work so hard.