Success comes to those who are perceptive to Change


The 21st century has witnessed the greatest advancement and innovation in every sector of the world economy. Technology today reigns over the entire world and literally controls the human race. Whether it is the satellites in space, the water that reaches you through millions of Kms of pipelines, the computer in your room, to a mobile phone in your hand. All these are the children of the new age technology that has reshaped humanity.

Well, the gist of the matter is that the world has undergone a tremendous amount of change. Changes that have been brought about by the intellects and highly educated categories of the population and put to good use.

Imagine, if Bill Gates had never started Microsoft or Steve Jobs never left the garage of his house or Thomas Edison never tried inventing again after his 10th invention failure. Would we ever have had a chance of seeing the light, or making computers so easy to use, or a mobile phone so sleek and technologically advanced that it has almost replaced television?

All those who are perceptive to Change are successful

Time waits for no one. The world is changing faster than you can imagine. Every day millions and billions of kilobytes of data are exchanged on the World Wide Web. Who could have imagined, that a simple Pascal’s law or ‘www’ would become every person’s lifeline today? These mere human ideas, new thinking and perceptiveness to change that have changed the world and the lives of so many people. These new ideas have not only changed the world we live in, they have also made the ideators wealthy.

Every individual who has dreamed of making it big had quit the rat race and paved their own path to success.

As the quote suggests, change is a law of life. If you don’t accept it and move ahead, you will remain stuck between your past and the present. For those who keep dwelling in the past have no place in the future. People who still continue their old ways while the entire world has moved on, fail miserably.

Technology changes by the minute

Technology changes by the minute. If you need to succeed in any field, you need to keep updating yourself and changing as per the new norms and streams. As they say – ‘You need to adjust your sail according to the wind. Otherwise, you are doomed to drown.’

To be successful, embrace and adopt the new

The famous and most successful owner of the largest business empire in India – Dhirubhai Ambani started his life as a spice vendor in a small town of Gujarat. It was his overarching ambition and never-say-die spirit that led him through all the obstacles to emerge as the biggest business tycoon in India. His enthusiasm and ability to change the face of business functioning and processes has become a case study.  It was through his futuristic vision and strong business acumen that his company Reliance Industries created history.

This is one home-grown example of a common man, a genius, and a legend who became an inspiration for generations to come!

There is a learning here. Every eye that dreams needs to come out of their cocoon and use their new wings to explore new skies and capture new horizons. Inside the cocoon, you will never grow and remain unknown to the celebration and success life can give you.