Education, taxes and inflation are not letting you become rich


Everybody wants to make money. Some choose the right path and some choose an illegal path to become rich. But when you are born to a poor or middle class family, then chances are, you may choose the wrong path. But there are still a few good men left in this world who choose the right legal path to become rich. They pay taxes, they face inflation or even they face the burden of expensive education.

Becoming rich is part of hard labor, which require proper planning and dedication and if you are from that part of society where you have so many hurdles to face then it will be quite difficult for you to become rich.

Why education doesn’t let you become rich?

Who do not want quality education for themselves or for their kids? As a common man you work day and night to feed your family and want your children to gain better education so that they could face the world, but being born to a poor or lower middle class family, education is still like climbing Mount Everest.

Now-a-days education is so expensive that you can’t even afford to cross high school. Without education, you can’t have that job which can make you rich some day. Sure, you can choose the wrong path, but it will take you to the jailor or to god. There are still millions of people around the world who don’t have the privilege to send their children to school.

Sure, there are NGO’s out there who try their best to help few to gain at-least minimum education so that they could get a minimum wage job in the private sector. But this would make them rich, too.

Why taxes don’t let you become rich?

 It is a shame that the rich who have all the money don’t like to pay taxes and the poor who have no money or less money have to face the burden of known as well as unknown taxes. We even discuss in your daily life why you should pay taxes, when you have earned that money by working honestly for the govt. or for private companies.

Taxes affect those people (middle or upper middle class) who have good education and good job in a govt. sector and private sector. Today we are paying taxes on everything from education to medical, to transport, to house, and all those stuffs which keep your house run and make it difficult for us to become rich.

Why inflation doesn’t let you become rich?

 Inflation is something which affects all section of society who pay taxes and want to have quality education for their children. Inflation is a game of the rich person who wants to make common man’s life hell, so that they could live in peace.

Inflation directly affects your pocket. After paying taxes you already left with very little. Inflation is a worst of all financial problems. When it happens the  whole country’s  economy suffers and the worst part is the rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer.