Hang out with those who have a common future… not a common past

sachin mittal
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Most of us live our life today thinking about our past. We live our current day based on the principles we have built in our minds since our childhood. Our past mostly influences our present and this includes the people as well as incidents. We tend to live life looking to understand the same backwards. In the bargain we stagnate many a times failing to move forwards.

Our lack of trust on the future makes us cling on to our past. However life is all about continuously moving forward. This is possible only if we hang out with those who have a common future and not the common past. Let us look at some ways we can do this.

Getting out of the past is the beginning

 Past is undoubtedly important. To remember our past is to honour our origin. To reminisce our past experiences is to standing tall on a solid foundation. While our past will help us understand ourselves in a clear manner, it will however not give us a plan for our future. It is we who have to decide on our future path pulling ourselves out of the past and people associated with the same

 Aligning yourself takes you forward

 Look for new relationships who speak about the future you aspire for. Learn from them everything that you can since both your dreams need to be achieved travelling in the same direction. Join hands with people who expect more out of life since their thinking is as futuristic as yours. Align yourself with people who stretch beyond their grasp, seeking a common future as yours.

Select people carefully

Be choosy about people you interact with. Remember, hanging out with chickens will make you one. Hang out with eagles that will travel with you in higher altitudes. You cannot naturally be hanging out with negative people and expect any positive to happen in your future. Avoid people who share just a common present with you and not your dreams for the future. Don’t keep the company of people who waste your time as well as theirs with regrets about the past.

Hang out with the right people

Hang out with people who spin out wildly towards the common aspiration your share about the future. Enjoy your present in which you live with people who choose to do what you really want to do. Be with people who do and make you do everything that is required to be done to achieve your future goal. Relate with people who do not allow the past to define their and your future.

Remember, our future is highly dependent on our present. Hence it becomes inevitable that we choose the right kind of people in our present who share a common goal for the future with us. Mingle with people who strongly believe in the future plans as much as you do. Join hands with people who are willing to apply all the lessons they have learnt in the past to build a strong future rather than relaxing on the same