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Relationships are important. They play a crucial role in all our lives. We come across many types of relationships. Some are close. Some are distant. In some stages of life, we enjoy relationships and love mingling with them. As we age and start carrying more responsibilities individually ourselves, we start seeing some relationships as burden. This feeling is caused predominantly due to the fact that we are forced to lose our individuality over a period of time.

When we are stuck with the same old people it becomes exceedingly difficult to reinvent yourself…to create a new you. We lose our individuality and get merged in herd mentality.

In order to be successful we constantly need to reinvent ourselves. And in order to do that we have to keep our individuality intact. Here are some practical tips to regain our lost individuality

Understand the basics clearly

Losing individuality is the worst thing that can happen to sharp minded people who have huge aspirations in life. Life’s constant pressures disallow us to regain our individuality back, making us feel increasingly miserable. While not losing our individuality is the best option to choose, desiring to regain back our lost individuality is highly crucial. This is when we must stop trying to create a ‘new you’ having the same old people around

Decide who needs to be in your life

Deciding who needs to be in your life is the most important thing. Just because a person was in your past life does not mean he needs to be accommodated in your current life. Any one from your past who cannot accept you as you are must be shown the way out without feeling guilt. Unless you do this, you cannot dream of creating a new ‘you’

Remain yourself

If you aspire to shape your future by getting out of the clutches of failures experienced in the past, remain yourself. Retaining your basic self is the best way to pull yourself towards success. Ensure you stay away from people who pull you in the opposite direction since these relationships are the energy drainers. Remember, you are an unique creation and you need strive hard to remain one always

Drive away negative people

 Disallow negative people to spoil your outlook about life. Let them deal their life with their own outlook. Just move out of them silently. Keep focusing in yourself. Spend quality time and energy in grooming your outlook towards life. Focus in creating the new you. Don’t even allow the negative people to breathe the same air that you breathe

Don’t remain just a reflection

 Understand the fact that most of the times we become the reflection of the company we keep. Unfortunately, if we are forced to remain in certain companies for long, we tend to remain their reflection rather than our own self. Choose to be with people who are new to you and absorb all the positive things that may value add to the new ‘You’

Ensure you strive constantly to excavate the new ‘you’ all the times in a conscious manner. Pull yourself away from every person and situation that doesn’t allow you to invent the new ‘You’. Fill every moment of your life with guts to push away non-value adding old people in your life. This will automatically help you design the new ‘You’