We just fall in love with 3 people in life


According to Science, we fall in love thrice in our life. The moment you read this statement, you may wonder what is the link between heartfelt love and loveless science. While we continue to wonder about the same jointly, facts about each stage of love are highly realistic. The psychological aspects of Science reiterate that we need love at every stage for differing reasons.

First love of our life

Most of us experience out first love as early as our school days. For us, it looks a fairytale experience. We consider ourselves as the Prince or Princess in the fairy tale books we read as kids. This love, we feel, is a highly idealistic one and this feeling remains constant for the rest of our school days. We feel that this love is what we do for the sake of our society and family.

We strongly believe that this is the perfect love and would remain the only love throughout our life. We don’t feel losing some of our principles (big word for that age!) for retaining what we consider as ‘pure love’. We compromise on many things even if it means swallowing what we consider as truths. We do everything possible to work this first love out.

Second love of our life

The second love appears to be a more matured one and can be termed as a harder form of love. This love teaches us many things about ourselves. It makes us feel in depth about how we want ourselves to be loved. We tend to get a feeling that we are deviating from the ideas we had about love during our first experience.

The reality is something very different. We love the same way we did the first time. The only change being, during the second love we just do not skip things as they happen. We get hurt more due to manipulations and lies involved in love at this stage. We feel the pain that true love can give us at this second stage

Many a times, this second love becomes so cyclic in nature that every time we undergo pain, we do not stop with the same. We keep trying despite the pain we experience again and again during the second phase. We do this just with the hope that the ending may be a positive one. The sad part is every time the finish is worse than the earlier occasion

Third love of our life

The third love is one of best when compared to the other two. It comes in all of a sudden and in a totally unexpected manner. This is the love that looks completely wrong in all aspects. It defies all our logic and philosophies we had pertaining to love during the earlier two stages. We fell so knocked out all of a sudden that een before realizing what is happening, we trip off completely. It happens in such an easy manner yet giving the feeling that it is going to be completely impossible. We don’t even believe that the connection can happen and flow with it when the same happens automatically in a magical manner.

The fit between each other happens in such a gradual manner that we remain what we are without facing any pressure to change into someone else. There are literally zero expectations since the acceptance levels are absolutely high. This very fact shakes up our core to a great extent. Neither this love falls under what we imagined love to be nor it follows the rules we believed would safeguard the same. However, the impactful manner in which it shatters all our notions pertaining to love makes us realize that it need not really be the way we think it must be. This love never leaves us and doesn’t allow us to leave either. Gradually, it will make you feel that this stage of love is the perfect one

Reminisce happily the stage of love you are in now. Irrespective the stage, love is a beautiful feeling to experience