Be more and have more in every area of life

Be more and have more in every area of life

They say you need to be downright positive and shun all the negativity to become the best version of yourself. It may sound amazing, but when you come to think about it, is it really true? We don’t live in a perfect world and there is no such thing as perfectly positive or perfectly negative. There is always a touch of the other element in one.

Let’s talk about it in depth, shall we? With every moment of happiness, there is a fear of losing it attached. With every second of sorrow, there’s a hope that this is just a phase. To bring out the most of your life in each and every area, you don’t need to scrutinize what should be kept and what you need to let go. You just need to be who you are, in abundance.

What it means to be positive?

Being positive is not about letting go of the negative thoughts. It’s not about negating the existence of sorrows, troubles, obstacles and everything else that keeps you from progressing in your personal as well as professional life. No matter who you are, or what you do, you just can’t ignore the reality.

Yes, it may not sound too motivating, but hang on, we’ve got more. Positivity means to accept the obstacles, welcome them with an open heart and to have a firm belief in your capabilities.

So now the question comes, how will negativity help?

Before we answer this, let’s understand a little bit about negativity. In its true sense, negativity is all those emotions; those energies that make you feel you can’t do something. Negativity is a strong emotion, and it is entirely up to us how we want to use this strength of this adversary. We just need to be stronger than us, than our mind, and the battle is already half won.

Let’s take an example of two software engineers. One is a developer and the other guy is into software testing. The developer will see how a certain code will work, while the testing engineer will see how the same particular program will cease to work.

Finding the errors and other nit grits is not always wrong. Sometimes, you need to be clear about your product, your service, your idea before you put it into action.

See, the basic idea here is that we need to understand that everything is important, and we can’t nullify the existence of one thing just because it will make us feel comfortable.

So, you mean comfort zone shouldn’t be there, right?

On the contrary, your comfort zone should be so large that anything that come along the way makes you want to learn about it, comprehend it and use it to your own advantage. If you talk about us, we don’t break our comfort zone, we just come out of it for sometime so that we can expand it and bring it with us wherever we go. This is your life, take charge of it, Carpe Diem.