If you don’t like me and still watching everything I do, you are a fan


Life is full of drama. I come across so many people in life whom I feel is noticing every activity of mine constantly, despite expressing their hatred towards me indirectly in many ways. I have always wondered if I need to give any attention to such people at all.

Sometimes, when these haters are found in my close circle who I cannot avoid interacting with, it becomes all the more frustrating. During such times, I used to get stuck in dilemma as to what should be my next course of action. After all, there is a limit for everything.

My haters are my biggest fans

 The feeling of being constantly tagged by my haters was becoming too much for me to handle. Even if I was minding my own business, information about me was constantly doing the rounds. By the time such gossips reached me, it was completely a different human being discussed and it was not me. I was getting fed up and thought why my haters do what they do. This is when I realized, to my surprise, that my haters are my biggest fans

The perfect hater

When I realized that my haters are my biggest fans, I could not but blame myself for my ignorance all along. I should have realized long back that the only thing my haters know to do in life is to hate me. I was very impressed witnessing the perfection in their hatred. In fact I felt sorry for them since they were not good at anything else that is genuinely productive

The theme of the hatred drama is always constant

I consciously started enjoying the little drama my haters created every time. I even pitied them when I realized that my haters performed dramas more so due to their own feeling of insecurity. Insecurity seemed to be the constant basis for all their hatred towards me time and again. I realized one more thing

I have something that they want and don’t have

 I understood that my haters hated me just because I had something in me that they want. This had woken up the green eyed monster in them, making them hate me to hide their own incapability. The very reason for their hatred is the fact that I am more well off than them in all aspects. They hate me because they feel I am a threat to their growth. Their hatred towards me is, in fact, a clear acknowledgement of my success.

This realization made me thank all my haters, doubters and non-believers. It is my haters who gave me the confidence to keep moving forward in life by acknowledging my growth every now and then. It is the doubters who instilled the faith in me that I can win through hardships. It is the non-believers who kindled the fire in me to make me what I am today

My dear haters! Do accept openly that if you don’t like me and still watching everything I do, you are my fan undoubtedly