Everyone wants to be a lion, until it’s time to do what lions do

Sachin Mittal
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We come across many types of people in life. While some of them make the least impact on us, there are others whom we consider as real lions in life. We admire them, we put them on a pedestal, also show them as positive example to our children. We draw inspiration from such people and try to motivate ourselves with their examples during trying situations. We believe in them so much that we consider them highly dependable. But when all of a sudden, the person whom we considered as a lion croaks or lets us down for a lightweight reason, we understand that he is not a lion at all.

This is when we realize that people who pretend to be strong and loyal run away during adverse circumstances. At just the time when he is required to play the lion’s role most he may suddenly cease to be a lion.

Why does this happen?

A real lion is not concerned about the opinion of a sheep

 Almost every one of us wants to be a lion. Our fears about what others will think about us pull us back from being one. This concern for others’ opinion and acknowledgement keeps us away from doing what we really want to do. In reality, a lion is never concerned about a sheep’s opinion about him. He does what he needs to do with the fullest confidence at all points of time

Real lions do not bow down to everyone

Many real life situations push people down the grave, breaking their ‘iron man’ image, purely due to the baseless fears that keep haunting them. Like a lion, which does not bow its head in front of anyone, walking our life path confidently helps us remain strong. Yielding unnecessarily to the fears makes even the person who appears to be strong croak easily at the slightest vision of adversity.

Being a sheep creates couch potatoes

 Many people around us pose themselves to be strong enough to face life with all its hardships. However, deep inside, they live the life of a sheep. Remember, to live the life of a lion even for a single day is better than living the life of sheep for hundred years.

Cyclones and hurricanes of life

 Some truths are highly devastating. While being honest is one of the best things to follow in life, truth does hurt many a times. There are very few among us who are ready to face the same and croak in the fear of facing the adversities it may cause. In reality, truth is actually a lion which need not be defended at all since both are capable of defending themselves.

Being a lion during adverse situations is actually easy if only confidence and courage are practiced consciously. Strength is the key to withstand the cyclones and hurricanes of life. Remember, the moment you pull yourself out of the chain created by various kinds of fears, you turn into a lion. The loud roar that arises in our heart when we reach this state helps us to remain a lion even during the goriest of situations in life.