In a world full of Kardashians, be a Diana

sachin mittal
Bad things do happen, but you can always put them behind you!

Kardashians have become a clichéd phrase for a group of individuals who are ‘famous for being famous’ or want to be one. One constant goal of their lives is to be famous and remain famous.

I am writing this piece for those entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneur friends who are increasingly falling prisoner to this phenomenon.

What is it about ‘Kardashian Syndrome’? Why everybody today just wants to be known? The temptation to ‘being famous’ is overwhelming. In a world where most people want to be famous, it’s hard to be patient and work for success.

To burst your bubble, fame in itself is fleeting. It’s hollow. It means nothing without your content and character. Desiring fame is not wrong, but making it your end and your only goal is gruesome, especially to your entrepreneurial abilities. Otherwise the world is full of people who are famous and haven’t done anything significant.

We don’t need more of Kardashians, we need Dianas. Despite being the wife of Prince Charles (ruling prince of UK), Diana sealed her place in the hearts of people by being a ‘different kind of princess’. She was Diana not for her famous marriage or for her expensive velvet dresses; she was Diana because of her tireless support for AIDS, leprosy and charities, for her bold revelations about her broken marriage, for the courageous woman that she was. She was more than just a royal jewel.

Sure, it’s difficult to divorce yourself from undying intent of fame, but until you do, you cannot find success. A successful entrepreneur is driven by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to be famous. Why do I say that?

Fame does not equate to success

It is common for people to be in a rush to reach the destination of success. The same hurry leads to the mistake of equating success with fame. And soon, people start using these two interchangeably as if they mean the same.

It is important to clear this fog around fame and success.

I will be blunt – Kardashians do not innovate, do not create. They do not solve people’s problems. On the other hand the most successful entrepreneurs in history were creators. They took pride in providing solutions. Whether be Azim Premji, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jamsetji Tata, they all filled a need.

Fame might come as a consequence of success, but it’s not the success itself. Fame has a life duration of that of a mayfly, but success stays for life.

Successful entrepreneurs build an idea around consumer’s needs and societal gaps. The desire for fame will make you scrounge aimlessly for a path to fame, but the desire for success will make you look for gaps that you can fill.

Success doesn’t mean attaining fame. You have to be more than just looking gorgeous on red carpets. You will have to harness your uniqueness and your passions. The journey to success demands patience and continuous self-growth. This road is tender and laborious.

Don’t do things just because you want to be famous, invest in your quality and it will make you famous one day. As the adage goes- ‘Success comes to those, who are too busy to be looking for it’.

How can you balance the desire between success and fame?

Even if you desire fame like the thirsty desires water, STOP Caring about it, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur! You will soon start to succeed. Be famous for your quality. Make real contributions. To figure out which is your cup of tea and which sides are you on- Kardashians or Diana, follow these:


I have mentioned the difference between the two. If you just want fame, sorry Kardashians, I cannot do anything for you. Well, keep wandering aimlessly.

If your desire for success is stronger, pace yourself for a life-changing journey.


Choose what you want to work for and fall in love with your work. Success takes time and the more time you give to it, the more groomed you will be. Don’t let down with challenges, do not over-emphasize results. History tells, it takes time for public to give recognition to geniuses.


Put your entrepreneurial spirit ahead of any failures and keep working on your skills. The road to success is paved with perseverance.

Don’t be trapped by Kardashian dogma, be yourself, be a harbinger of change. Avoid the temptation of fame and work quietly towards your true success. Fame will follow.