We have been reading a lot about the contrasts between genders. We wanted to be a bit different. By the end of this post, we are sure you will be amazed to note the key differentiators within a gender.

Boyhood and manhood are two stages of life every man undergoes. A man experiences his life as a boy in a different manner and as a man in a contrasting manner. Life is not the same for him as a boy and man. This includes his thinking and approach towards life. A boy becomes a man purely owing to the lessons he learns in life as a part of the growth process. Let us look at some areas in which he matures mentally from a boy to a man.

Safeguarding the family

 While as a boy men do not shoulder any responsibilities, as a grownup he starts taking care of his family and dependents automatically. This is the first lesson a boy learns in the process of becoming a man

Faith in a super power

 As a boy, a man is careless and does not worry about life, how things happen and the cause for the many things. However, as a man he learns that there is a power above him that acts as the cause and basis for everything that happens in life. He learns this through the many obstacles he faces in the process of performing his duties as he grows up

Control over emotions

 Life teaches a man to have complete control over his emotions by grooming him during every hardship he faces as he grows up from a boy to a man. The practical lessons learnt during the process acts as an invaluable treasure throughout a man’s lifetime

Taking responsibility

 This is the area in which boys learn the maximum number of lessons. While as a man one seeks responsibility, boys simply run away from responsibilities. Experiencing the consequences of disowning responsibilities makes him a matured and responsible man in the future

Fight and right

As a boy, he fights to project himself as the stronger one. As a man, he fights for the weaker section, making him the stronger one automatically. As a boy, he feels that he has right over everything on his way. As a man he feels he has the right to protect his family, wife and children and does everything he could to achieve the same

Childishness vs. committed attitude    

 As a child, a boy acts in a childish manner and is just not worried about his playful commitments he makes to others around him. As a grown up man, he expresses so much of commitment that he is considered as a strong being

Life thus converts a boy into a man teaching him different kinds of lessons as a part of his growth. These invaluable lessons keep grooming him not only as a man but also as a good human being. This adds immense value to every relationship that he comes across in his life with high levels of manliness.