No one knows you better than yourself


Life imposes many deficiencies in us as we grow up. We tend to lose whatever we were as children as we celebrate every birthday of ours. From being a lion on the land we get reduced to becoming a lizard on the wall.

We tend to make others realize our worth constantly, purely due to our own apprehensions about the same. The best thing that can happen to us is to realize our self worth and keep moving forward grooming the same every passing second.

No one knows you better than yourself

Always remember this basic rule – No one knows you better than yourself. You have a treasure of secrets about yourself that only you know. You know how you feel given every situation. You know who you were exactly during every stage of your life.

You have realized your own strengths and weaknesses during many situations more than anyone else. When this is the case, think why you must give the handle for your life to others around you

Respect yourself… Realize yourself

To really become a lion, you need to be your own self first. Only when you remain your own self, will you realize your real worth. Respect yourself for who you are and not for what others say you are. Remember, others do not know the real you as much as you know. Who you are today may appear like an accident to others.

You know the ins and outs of your past more than anyone in this world. Only you know the hardships you have crossed successfully all through the years to become what you are today. You know you have many reasons to be proud of in your life which others may not acknowledge of. You are the best person to acknowledge your efforts and need not yearn for others to do the same.

Becoming who you are, adds value to your life

 If, at any point of time in your life you don’t feel convinced about yourself, then the best thing to do is to change over your own self. If you feel you have been letting your own self down all these years, change towards the positive. You are only one who can change yourself in to a lion and no one else is capable of doing this to you. Becoming who you are adds a lot of value to your life in an unbelievable manner. Recognize the efforts you have taken to redeem your own self and others around you from tough situations in the past. Feel proud that you did all those things shouldering the responsibilities in a matured manner. Appreciate yourself for having withstood the test of time not just once but time and again.

It is actually not tough to remain a lion but very easy to become a lizard. If you feel you have still not become a lion, it is high time you become a lion that you deserve to be. Become the lion you actually are.