Stuck in a generation where loyalty is just a tattoo, love is just a quote, and lying is the new truth


Take a good look at the world around you. Notice how this generation talks about chilling all the time. How they believe weekends are all about partying and weekdays are all about catching up with friends. Look at all the dapper dudes and classy damsels. Look at all the hoodies, ultra slim jeans, and uber chic tops. Look at all the fashion fiestas and their tattoos.

Tattoos that say words like loyalty, freedom, destiny, life, and what not! Listen to this generation when they talk about love as if they have sorted it all out. Listen to them how they talk about unconditional love, how they claim they must be accepted for who they are, and how asking them to change even an iota about themselves is to ask them to become someone they are not.

Destiny is not what you think it is

Let us talk to you in your own words. Dude, the thing is you have no idea what loyalty is. Destiny is not what you think it is, and life? Kid, you are too young to understand the meaning. And we are not here to teach you anything about it, we learned about it the hard way.

And, since you are too busy with your gang to sit down and talk, well, you’ve got no other option either. Hard way it is for you too!

What was the last time you talked about truth?

What was the last time you talked about truth? When did you last speak the truth? Oh no, that wasn’t truth, that was a lie, greased, buttered and sugar coated to sound like truth, but trust us when we say so, because we know, it was not even remotely close to what truth means. Life is all good, you say? Wake up and face the reality. Truth stings more than anything else.

And here you are, all agitated, because someone tried to take you out of your cocoon and make you face the reality, and it was too overwhelming for you to take it with a pinch of salt, lemon and tequila, right?

Weak willed just can’t bear the truth

Everybody claims they want to hear the truth, but truth is too powerful. Weak willed just can’t bear it. They say they want loyalty, good for you. It’s one thing to want something; can you deliver it yourself too? How can you expect someone to bring something to the table when you are not ready to bring it yourself too?

Love, loyalty, truth, respect, honor, these are not just words, they are the foundation of a human, of a relation, of life. Too bad we see people throwing these words around at the drop of a hat, while they don’t understand anything about these words.

Get out of those fancy clubs

It’s time for you to get out of those fancy clubs and see what’s going on the roads, take charge of your life, you don’t get to live twice, so don’t waste it all celebrating while you haven’t done anything worth celebrating. The clothes you wear, the cars you drive, the money you spend, you haven’t earned any of this.

The day you realize life is not about proving anybody wrong, but coming together to make things right, you’ll know life. Till then, enjoy the freedom your dad’s money bought for you.