Relationships, in reality, are easy things to handle. What really makes them a nightmare is our approach towards them. Many of us see only the black dot in the middle of a white chart and this attitude typically tends to screw our relationship with others.

One major thing that makes us see the small black dot and not the huge white space around it is the environment in which we grow up. Our subconscious mind is highly capable and vulnerable enough to store every good and bad thing we experience during the growing up process. When the parents teach virtues to their children by living those in real time, their children tend to choose their life partners using the virtues exhibited as the yardstick.

The father-daughter relationship

This is one of the best relationships in life. The closeness and understanding between a father and daughter is many a time highly amazing. The genuinity this relationship exhibits cannot be measured using any scale in the world. For a daughter, her father is the first man she experiences in the world. She sees him as a God figure which is omnipotent  to do anything for her. She sees him as personification of virtues. As far as a daughter is concerned, the father is the man who is her role model based on which she decides how a man must be

Choosing another man in her life

As a girl child grows up and reaches a stage where she has to take a call about her life partner, the qualities exhibited by the father figure she has experienced all along in her life plays a crucial role. The impact the father has created in the girl’s mind makes her look for the same qualities in her ‘future’ man.

Now, these qualities are just not what a father has shared with his girl child, but overall with other women in the household as well as outside the territory. She checks for the availability of these qualities in a man before taking the big leap.

She needs to see her father

The first thing any daughter searches for in the ‘new’ man who is supposed to enter into her life is her own father. If your daughter is in love, be assured she has selected a man who has the good qualities she has experienced in you. If your daughter accepts to get married to the boy you have chosen, it is not just because you have chosen but because she has seen you in him. In fact, the moment a daughter finds her father in a man, she falls for him and gets ready to handover her life to him.

While at the surface this appears heartwarming, it actually is a pointer to how a father who has a daughter must behave towards other women around him. This bestows her faith in men making her choose the right man she can date with. So, better be the type of man you’d want your daughter to date.