You have to have courage to act against popular opinion


One of the baser human instincts is to be accepted. We all want acceptance. That’s why we tend to follow the latest trends. We may feel like we do all that to look cool or modern. But, deep down we actually crave acceptance.

Anything that sticks out and doesn’t seem to fit the norms or the societal convention is bound to be perceived by people as ‘abnormal’. Really, who wants to be considered abnormal?

That’s why it goes without saying that it takes a great deal of courage to stand up for what you believe in and do something that the herd mentality opposes. To break the convention and to stand against the popular opinion is not something that anyone can do.

  1. Self-acceptance is the driving force to challenge the convention

If you accept yourself for who you are and don’t crave others’ approval, it gets easier to go against the flow of what’s considered ‘normal’ or ‘natural’. If you truly feel like standing up for something instead of just blindly following the guidelines dictated by the society or what is considered generally acceptable, the first threshold is to accept yourself and take the control of your life back in your hands. Stop depending on others for approval and acceptance.

  1. Faith and confidence – the cornerstones of standing up for what you believe in

A lot of people take the initiative to act against the popular opinions and break the convention, but most of them fold and crumble under pressure. The reason for that is – lack of faith in the cause and lack of self-confidence. If you are one hundred percent sure that this is something you believe in- you will automatically find the courage to fight the entire human race. But, you need to have complete faith and your faith should not be tainted by even a shadow of doubt.

  1. ‘12 Angry Men’ – a classic tale of voicing your opinion against all odds

If you have seen this movie, you’ll know what is being talked about there. If you haven’t, do watch it to learn about how group dynamics work and how to stand for what you truly believe in. This classic black and white hit depicts herd behavior in the best possible way with the story of how one person found the courage to stand against the entire jury that gathered to decide the fate of a boy facing trial for murder. In the end, the man had the last word and not those 11 jurors who went with the easy way and agreed with the majority opinion just to get out of their job.

  1. Remember – first they mock you, then they stop you, then they will follow you

Whenever someone tries to do anything out of the ordinary, they have to go through three stages. The first stage is when the people mock you for thinking unconventionally. Then they try to stop you and will do the best they can to stop it. Then comes the stage when people start following you!

If you can manage through first two stages, you boat will sail smoothly.