Motivation is bullshit, you need to be hungry to succeed


Yes, you read that right! Motivation is bullshit! Trust me, it’s not going to take you anywhere, atleast not towards long-term true success.

You If you are reading this article in the first place, I’m assuming that you want to be successful in life and like most of us, are looking for that magic potion which would motivate you towards attaining your goals, be that anything – that dreamt of designation at work, the aimed turnover in your business, getting yourself to the gym everyday, following a diet, getting your PHD done, anything for that matter, and where we are stuck…all of us…all the time…is not being enough motivated towards it right?

So the key word here is ‘motivation’ and all of us are looking for that magic potion which would keep us motivated enough towards achieving our goals.

But, what if I say that ‘motivation’ is not what is needed in the first place? What if I tell you that what most of us know and have been searching for is all wrong? And let’s face it…it is! Stumped? Well…to put it bluntly – Motivation will not take you anywhere, the hunger to succeed will!

Motivation Vs. The hunger to succeed – The crucial difference

The crucial difference between these two is that they are two altogether different types of psychological mindsets. So, theoretically speaking, both can lead us to the same end result but these are two specifically different kinds of mental states I human beings.

Let’s take coffee as an example. Most of us are coffee drinkers. So much so that, one shot of caffeine sometimes is crucial for us to perform. It gives us that necessary boost of energy that keeps us going. The feeling of energy that this beverage gives us on a daily basis is awesome and many of us depend on it. However, if we have coffee now, we don’t expect that boost to last couple of days later, do we? That energy lasts for a short time and is temporary. Also, if we do not have coffee for a couple of days, we might feel energy-less and become moody but surely we will not die or not be able to work at all. Hence, this proves that it is not something that we cannot do without.

Instincts will always make us do things

Similarly, most of us are foodies too. We just love to eat and wait for that moment in the day when we can get to stuff our mouths. However, think of a situation where you are hungry and there is simply no food anywhere. Will you not go anywhere at any point in time just to eat? Simply because hunger is your basic necessity which you cannot do without. Our basic instincts will always make us do things, irrespective of the time, the distance, anything, just to meet need.

Before you get confused why I am talking about food and coffee so much, let’s understand that motivation is the coffee mindset while the hunger to succeed is the latter. ‘Motivation’ refers basically to the ‘act of feeling motivated’ – that boost of energy, that rush of positive mood that gets us to do things and achieve our goals. But similar to coffee, it is temporary and goes away after a while. Which is why after a certain time, we need another mug of coffee or in other words, more motivation (which is why you are reading this, isn’t it). In short, motivation is a short term solution which principally can never drive you towards long term success.

The ‘hunger to succeed’

The ‘hunger to succeed’ however is a different mindset altogether. It is more about discipline, willpower and that hunger in your gut to do something, that specific ‘need’ inside you like your basic instinct for which we can go to any length, anywhere, anytime since it is linked to our survival. Comparatively, this is a long term solution and developing this mindset is the only way towards making it big in life. So forget about how to motivate yourself. Think about how hungry you are for what you define success in life and how you can fulfill that need. Think of it as your food for survival and develop that mentality and everything else will fall in place. You won’t ever need coffee to get yourself going.

So now the question is – How hungry are you?