Weak men create hard time!


Weak men create hard time!

Hard times create strong men,

Strong men create good times,

Good times create weak men,

Weak men create hard times.

This phrasing is quite popular in social media sites and countless common forums. It’s popular yet it has no credible source, there is no origin, name or even date of the phrase whatsoever.

Still, it is one of the most accurate phrases of all times. The phrase is applicable to any event of any time in history; across any species or geography.

Let’s start examining the first part of the phrase:

“Hard times create strong men”

Imagine the world exactly 100 years ago. The world was slowly recovering from one of the most dreaded wars it has ever seen. The world economy was in a turmoil, coping from a loss of epic proportions. In a few years, they will have to fight the great depression among other things. The time then taught the people to be iron -clad and strong for days to come. The men (and women) were working relentlessly to create a safe and stable future. They fought all diversities and kept their struggle alive. They were strong, determined and always thought of creating a better time for generations to come.

“Strong men create good times”

Now comes the time that these men (and women) worked their whole lives for. A better time in history. All the hard work, all the sacrifices they and their next generation made starts to yield fruit. Economy (post-depression and WW2) slowly and steadily stabilizes. Nations slowly fight their way out of colonial oppression, standard of living and lifestyles upgrades. People now have the cushion (created by their hard-working forefathers) to sit on and think of other advancements of the society which their ancestors couldn’t even think of. Not that it’s a bad thing because a lot of technological and scientific advancement happened in this phase. But, this is the time where the generation slowly forgot the epic struggle their forefathers had to go through for decades so that their generation could have the luxury to “take it easy”.

“Good times create weak men”

Sadly, it is to be believed that the above line of the phrase is accurately describing the current generation. Today’s men and women is drowning in a pool of pleasure that includes smartphones, video games, pornography and fast food. Most of this generation will not experience real hardship or any way is equipped to handle a sudden crisis. Their personal happiness comes above all else, thus declining their sense of common good. They are the most educated generation any one in their age has ever been in history, but very little did they do to reach their full potential through it. We are all living in a time of weak men.

“Weak men create hard times.”

Now comes the end part of the phrase. It is describing a dystopian, dark future the current generation is going to bring to this world. Their prolonged time of living in weakness will make them feeble, both physically and mentally. The world is heading head-first towards a doom it is not ready for. The current generation is in no way ready to handle any sort of a crisis of epic proportions, be it natural (global warming, ozone layer depletion, deforestation etc.) or man-made (depletion of resources leading to oil and water war). The feeble generation is going to perish very fast bringing down everything they have ever built, paving way to a very hard time in future.

So, is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Yeas, there is. The phrase is not just a sequence, it is like a cycle. After the weak generation created “hard time”, will come a generation of strong men, ready to curtail the state of affairs. The time is the common factor here, it makes and breaks a man and will continue to do so as long as the world exists.

Like a phoenix time burns generation away to ashes and through those ashes rises a stronger and newer generation.

But instead to letting time to do what is inevitable we must learn from history and take corrective measures ourselves. We must all wake up from the self-induced slumber of self-happiness and build a world where common good of a generation is above all. That is the only way we can cheat the code of time and not create “hard times” for the next generation.