4 questions you need to ask yourself today!


What is permanent in life? Nothing. Except one thing – CHANGE. Change is the only thing that is permanent. Always was, always will be. You are also changing. Every second of everyday. It may seem like you are stuck in a hamster wheel where your life is not going anywhere, truth is, it is. It’s going through a “change”. So, you’re either changing for good or bad.

Question is can you take control of this change? Can you steer it towards good change, rather than a bad one? Yes, you can. All you have to do is ask 4 questions to yourself and yourself seek out the answers. Once you do that, you can take the change to a desired direction.

Question1: What is the meaning of your existence?

Most of you seldom ask this question to yourself and those who do seldom find the answer to it. This is probably the most important question you must be asking yourself. At some point in life everybody gets stuck. They get stuck with what we call “daily life”. You are too. You believe overcoming the struggle of daily life and some scattered aspirations is the only meaning of your existence. Well, it’s not true at all.

You are stuck in a loop where it’s blocking you from reaching your true potential. Take a step back, sit and think. Who are you? What is your “real” aspiration in life? What are your strengths? How will the strengths help you reach your goal? Only then you can find the answer of the real reason you are here.

Question 2: Why are you where you are right now?

To climb thousand steps, you must take the first one. And that is the starting point of your journey. It all begins here, at this particular moment of you being there. To go somewhere, you must realize where you are now and most importantly why you are here. To discover your journey of choice you must firstly discover where you are now.

That will bring you face to face with reality and that reality is your first step. Discover the reality first, then go for the dream you want to achieve. In doing so, you will realize how far and long you are from your dream and what you must or mustn’t do to achieve it. It will start to pull you towards the right kind of change.

Question 3: What to do next and how to do it?

Having a purpose and a passion to achieve that purpose is the best bet for you to reach where you want to reach. Yet, all this is redundant without a proper plan. Your dream becomes a distant illusion only when your planning is not right. Success is simple, it’s a plunge from understanding where you are to where you want to be. The planning is the bridge that you need to build to meet with success.

So, start building that bridge today, make it solid, make it unshakable. Your path to success becomes a walk in the park only when your plan is rock-solid.

Question 4: Is your association right for you to reach your goal?

We are not alone. We are what our company or association is. The right kind of association can aid your journey to success, the wrong kind however will make you fall flat on your face. Question to ask yourself, are you guilty by association?

If you fail, which will happen a lot because the journey to success is a tough road to walk, your natural instinct will dictate you to cower in a corner and isolate yourself. And that’s when you need allies to take you out of the isolation and encourage you to start again. Choose your association carefully, make them a booster for your bad-times, the beacon that guides you to the shore when you are drowning.

These questions are not random or time specific. They are eternal, they will always make sense for you to map your journey ahead in life. Also, these questions are in that specific order, you must start at the first question to reach to the answer of the fourth. So, if you haven’t started to question yourself, to discover who you are, to plan out where you want to be, ask these questions today to see a better tomorrow for yourself.