Is it okay to compromise on values for business reasons?


In a typical business scenario, many a times we come across situations that demand us to compromise on some of our core values. We are pushed to the verge of taking certain commercial decisions at the cost of letting down a part inside us that respects core values.

We face conflicting business situations where we are unable to take a staunch call if we need to really invest or divert the money towards savings. We are forced to think and rethink if quality really matters over huge profit margins. We cross tough situations where we are in a dilemma whether to stick to the earlier set goals or yield to the unfair realities of the business.

Is it really worth the success?

During such times, we tend to feel, if achieving a business goal in such a manner is really worth the success. This is when we really wish we had choices which could save us from such dilemma time and again.

Every entrepreneur who starts a business afresh feels he has to follow a set of values that acts as the centre of gravity throughout his commercial journey. He desires to take every decision pertaining to his business based on these core values. However, one thing that is flabbergasting to many new entrepreneurs during the journey to success is the benchmarks set by the pioneers in the field.

These benchmarks are predominantly numbers and if numbers are not met, the businessman is said to be a failure. Entrepreneurs who show huge numbers on their score board are considered as successes even if they achieved the same by compromising on their core values. So what exactly is success – pure numbers or core values?

Below are some of the ways you can remain attached to your core values irrespective of the distance you travel in your business over a period of time

Ascertain what is important to you

Is the opportunity in hand going to help improve the business? Where exactly does the business stand in terms of growth or expansion? Will this lead to compromising on the core values? If not now, over a period of time, can the core values be sustained while the numbers are being met?

Make others understand your core values

It is highly important that you make people working for you understand what is important to you. Don’t hesitate to communicate the same in the business circle and amongst the customers in the market place. This will become the core to your business over a period of time, ultimately becoming the core to your brand too.

Hire like-minded employees

When you communicate your core values to the community, people who are like-minded will join your business as partners and employees. This will automatically strengthen the bond between the target numbers you have set and your core values

Revisit and stick on to your core values

During the course of your business journey, you core values may get challenged time and again. There may arise many situations where you will be forced to make a choice between the values and the numbers. Revisit your forward movement in a periodical manner and assess if you are compromising on values just for numbers.

Remember, the values you set for yourself must act as the foundation in every step of your business life. You may have to take conscious efforts during the initial stages to stick on to these values. However, when these values are established as the core for the functioning of your business, they will remain a part and parcel of the same, helping you to achieve your numbers.