Emotional struggles faced by entrepreneurs


Being an Entrepreneur is good from many angles. The immense satisfaction it provides when every little thing is achieved during the journey has nothing to equal. The huge money it fetches from various quarters when successfully handled is amazing. These are all the beautiful flowery aspects of businesses.

However, every coin has the other side. The heights of pressure an entrepreneur is made to experience time and again makes him run from pillar to post to clinch things out. The levels of motivation required to handle tough situations and different kinds of people is mind-boggling. The struggles that need to be fought during the journey tears the entrepreneur apart making him feel he better remained an employee in an organization. We present here a few such struggles every entrepreneur is made to face which are more emotional in type.

You may get rejected

There may be times in your business when you get rejected. You will be clearly sensing the feeling of rejection shown towards you in your business circle. Such a situation may call for an emotional decision which actually may have long lasting impact on your business. When you feel rejected, learn to accept it gracefully. There is no single businessman in the world who grew up to be a business tycoon without getting rejected.

Calm down after the rejection sinks in. Don’t punish yourself for the rejection you faced. For all you know, you may not be the cause of such things. Clearly understand your span of control. Learn from the rejection experience and set up a mental plan to handle the same next time

Keep away from the Green Eyed Monster      

As you travel through your business journey, every now and then, you may become envious witnessing the growth of your co-businesses. Your envy may make you speak ill of the ways the success was attained. Envy will bring out from you the part of which is yet to be explored. It would be better to curb this uninvited guest in the temperament arena right at the beginning.

Keeping away from the green eyed monster will help you focus on your business to reach the level where others envy you and your business

Avoid feeling lonely

As you travel through the entrepreneurial journey towards success, many a times, you may be taken over by feeling of loneliness. Sitting amidst thousands of people you will tend to feel lonely without able to identify that one single person who share your vision.

Don’t allow this loneliness to become a habit. Mingle with people and find out that soul with which you can share your dream

Success creates fear

Most of the successful entrepreneurs have felt this fear. While during the major part of the entrepreneurial journey you struggle to succeed, after tasting success you are afraid to experience the same. This is caused by the negative experiences that were faced throughout the journey. When all of a sudden people start treating you as an accomplished entrepreneur the respectful treatment triggers high levels of fear. Avoid struggling with it and continue to focus on what you were good at which made you a huge success. Be humble and ensure you treat everyone with respect at all points of time before and after your success.

As an entrepreneur, you may come across many more struggles in your journey towards success. Whatever the struggle may be, if you keep your emotions and resultant actions under control, achieving your business goals will be a child’s play. Remember, feelings are like waves. We may not be able to stop them but can decide on the ones to surf.