He who fails to plan plans to fail


The topic of today’s conversation is actually a very famous adage generally directed to Benjamin Franklin, also known as the father of time management. This quote may sound familiar to you or even catchy, but understanding its real meaning and acting upon it is a whole another story. The meaning of the phrase is also clear as day, if you fail to plan, you are heading towards your doom.

Going ahead unplanned is never a good idea. It’s not a good idea for you, or your business and definitely not your money. Money is something that never comes to you in an instant, you have to nurture it, plan your finances and then and only then it grows. Going ahead in life also means you being successful and rich, and that’s where planning plays a vital role.

Let’s face it, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know you have arrived? A famous philanthropist and author once said there are 6 basic human needs and certainty is definitely one of them. And planning gives you certainty.

Set your goal

You need to really sit down and think about what you want. Set your goal first. But that doesn’t mean set any random goal. Set a goal depending on your skills and your strength. Imagine yourself few years in the future, rich, successful, and then imagine how you got there. Your path will automatically be clear to you and that’s where you create a clear plan to reach that future.

Create a Smart Plan

What is a “Smart Plan”? Quite simply a smart plan is a plan that needs to tick the following checkboxes:


  • It should be specific to your goal.
  • It must be measurable.
  • It should be aligned to your thought process and your ultimate goal.
  • It should be realistic. Impractical planning doesn’t work.
  • Finally, it must be time-bound. Only then you’ll reach your target.

Rule of intensity

Now let’s also talk about the intensity of your plan. In simple words, the shorter the plan, more intense it is, and vice versa. If your plans are for near future, it has to be heavy on detail, and the plan is for a much longer course it becomes more general and high level. This entirely depends on what your goals is your planning must follow the rule of intensity.

Planning creates a benchmark

Planning is the vital element of your success. It not only paves a way towards your future, it also acts a as a benchmark to measure against. Many people say that nothing goes according to plan. Maybe so, but that does not rule out the necessity of having a plan. When you have a plan, you know how and where you are in your life and work and that gives you a direction, a direction towards your success.

Remember, without a plan, you are just wandering around a deep forest, waiting and hoping to be rescued. And most of the time, the rescue party never arrives, you are then lost forever. Don’t wait for a miracle, plan out one. Create your own destiny, and for that what you need is specific and measurable planning. Planning is everything!