Schools should address students from modern day perspective


There are many issues around us which seem to be hounding us for reasons that appear to be out of our control. One such issue that has been in vogue is the teaching methodology schools practice for ages now.

Most of us have experienced teaching methodologies which taught us words but not the contexts in which they can be used. Schools teach curriculum with more vigor than practical abilities like reading and speaking without errors. Schools just focus on the hard aspect of completing lessons as per the syllabus plan rather than training students on the soft aspects involved in the same.

Irrespective of the fact whether schools follow such mechanical systems out of pressure to show results or just for commercial purposes, the fact remains that they teach more subservient qualities than the leadership ones.

Astonishing exposure

Our education system must start addressing students from a modern day perspective rather than delivering lessons that are from the old school of thought. Education system during the yesteryears was considered as a rounded one since it was the only means to acquire knowledge.

Today the scenario is absolutely different. The high levels of exposure today’s children get makes them more equipped to take realistic lessons. Schools must be willing to leverage this unbelievable exposure children get to teach them higher level concepts. Today’s education system must address the requirements of the modern day society than making them couch potatoes through the same old lesson plans

Plethora of opportunities

 Today’s children are presented with a plethora of opportunities that were unavailable for the previous generations. These opportunities clearly identify the individual interests and capabilities of children who hail from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Education System must come out of the locked-in mindset to keep grinding the lessons and pushing it inside the brains of the students.

Instead, it must focus in grooming students in an individualistic manner bringing in value additions through their curriculum. Schools must target leveraging the abundant opportunities presented in front of the children to their attitudinal development.

The problem is at the societal level

 When schools continue teaching what has been taught for decades now, they fail to equip even bright students with a developmental mindset. Education system must focus in setting up curriculum that is more realistic, addressing the current requirement of the society. Instead of creating more and more adults who can cater to the needs of the employment sector, the curriculum must focus in grooming students for leadership positions.

Subjects that are more prone towards the past must be used only to teach the history, culture and tradition during the early stages of schooling. Time must be allocated for grooming children on various soft skills which could shape their future as they go up to higher classes in school.

Create entrepreneurs not employees

Our education system must focus in grooming the Entrepreneurial skills in children while still executing the set syllabus. Children must be taught to think in a disciplined and confident manner. They must be taught to think in a competitive manner and open mindedness must be appreciated. Children must be encouraged when they display self starting capabilities. Determination and passion must be taught as requisites that can lead to success.

Separate soft skill development departments must be set up in schools which will be complemented by the curriculum in a holistic manner. School Managements must not get satisfied with earning set revenues year on year. They must feel thirsty to create entrepreneurs who will shape the country’s future rather than individuals who will run a subservient and selfish life comfortably.