We all have the hidden ability to detect the truth in all circumstances


A very famous line from Robin Sharma’s best seller ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’, and one of my favourites as well. Do you know why? Because it talks about intuition and one’s inner potential and secret ability to detect the real and the true all the time everywhere. As an entrepreneur, as a worker, as any human being, all of us need intuition to really become successful and trust me, all of us have what it takes to harness this inner ability that we have buried deep inside us.

Intuition – What is it?

Intuition can be simply defined as the inner ability to know something instinctively without having to logically or rationally reasoning it out.

For example, you have two investment opportunities, or 4 different options of marketing strategies you can choose to follow, or let’s say the industry sector you want to foray into as an expansion plan, you can do all the logical reasoning based on data and information to arrive at your ‘logical’ decision but your intuition or ‘gut feeling’ always tells you what will work and what wont. Its that inner hidden feeling that you have about things, about people, about the future.

Really successful people are often seen to take on actions that are completely unexpected but which later go on to become the turning point for them, how do they do it? What makes this happen? Not logical reasoning, but intuition.

Intuition: How does it develop?

We all have intuition, all of us have the hidden ability to detect the truth in all circumstances but why does it work for some and why does it lead to a complete fiasco for others?

Well, like any ability, intuition also has to be identified, developed and honed in order to work well for you. If you do not work towards bringing out or cultivating your intuition, then it can never pull you towards making it big in life.

So how does one hone intuition skills? Simple – by connecting to oneself. Intuition as an inner deep hidden ability can only be honed if one connects to oneself, gives himself/herself time, and sincerely works towards becoming the person he/she was meant to be. Long story short, it requires you to be the best version of yourself, work towards achieving your highest potential in body, mind and spirit and becoming a hero in your own life.

Efforts on the Self

If you ask me or any other entrepreneur whether that person would invest in a company who does not spend any money on R&D, the answer would straight away be a ‘no’. How can you invest money in a company who does not believe in self-development or new product ideas?

So, it shouldn’t be any different for an individual too right? There is practically no value left in a person if he/she sincerely doesn’t keep time, effort or resource to spend on himself/herself for development. Self-renewal and self-regeneration are the keywords here. Only when you work on yourself and become the best version of yourself, will your hidden power of intuition work for you, telling you what is the truth in each and every circumstances of life!

Then irrespective of the job you choose, the business idea you pursue, the investment you make, the market you enter, success will be yours. So, why waste time, work on your intuition and create your own destiny!