Taking risk is more important than worrying about managing the risk


All of us dream about making it big in life. To become someone. Somebody rich, somebody famous. Somebody that people would write about, would look up to. Yet too many of us sit at our 9 to 5 job desks gaping at the desk clock or the blank walls beyond, thinking that we were not born to do this. It doesn’t feel right. And each of us somewhere deep down, know our strengths, or at least the areas where our passion lies. Fields where we know we could have excelled, jobs where Monday morning would not feel like a curse anymore. So I ask you…what stops us?

What actually stops us?

Think about it…What really stops us from becoming who we were meant to be? From becoming rich, wealthy and successful? From following our passion and creating a new path for ourselves instead of being in the mundane rat race like everyone else?

The lack of money for which you couldn’t pursue your chosen field? The lack of time because you had to start earning soon? The lack of mental bandwidth now to sit down and start afresh? Each one of you reading this will have different answers like the ones stated above. But look at yourself…isn’t it the ‘fear’ of risk that has never let you get away from what it mundane yet regular and secure than what is new, unknown yet beautiful for you? Let’s accept it…it is.

You can still take the risk you know. Even if you have family to support, age that is not on your side, energy that isn’t at the level it used to be. But you can still start something new, something which you believe in. The only reason why you, me or no one doesn’t is simply because of the fear of risk.

What is it about risk?

Now that we have accepted it, what is it about risk that makes it so fearful? You feel you can’t manage the risk right? You worry that the risk at this stage of your life might be disastrous. It isn’t worth it. But that is also not true. Its not the worry about ‘managing’ the risk that’s the crux of the problem, ‘taking’ the risk in the first place, that jump into the unknown abyss is what frightens you.

A little help from the mountains

Have you ever done paragliding from high mountain peaks? Before you do it, you never really think about how you will steer your glide and manage it when you are floating in air. That doesn’t really scare you. The real fear is actually in running and jumping into the cliff, that is what gets to you. Isn’t it?

But you get it don’t you? You need to jump in order for you to float. And worrying about whether you will or won’t be able to manage your glide is meaningless if you never jump. And in paragliding, you do take the plunge since you know somewhere that you will float. That trust in the glide, the apparatus.

Taking risk Vs. managing risk:

So you see, all you need is the trust in yourself and in your passion that it would work and then just taking the plunge! Because taking risk is the most important part here, it is more, much more important than worrying about managing the risk! You need to take the plunge in order to float.

So what are you waiting for? Take that plunge and paraglide to your own destination!