Journey towards massive success is made of smaller milestones


We all aspire to grow, evolve and reach our highest goal. Since childhood we have been taught to dream big. It can be running our own organization, traveling the world, being a fitness trainer, writing a book and so on. The definition of this ‘massive’ success is also relative. The ultimate goal or success may vary from person to person. It may be as small as stamp collection to being the chief lieutenant. But are these goals easily achievable? How can we persevere till the time we get the essence of those victories? What can get us going till then? Isn’t it obvious that some of us will be drained and retired hurt?

Journey or Destination?

Someone rightly said it: it’s not the destination, but it is the journey that matters. And the journey includes successes, failures and lessons. The one who doesn’t enjoy the journey and long for the destination is bound to retire and give up soon. For example, you cannot travel the world in a month neither is it possible to earn that much in your early twenties. To be the President, you need to put your blood and sweat since childhood. One needs to take certain courses and assessments and gather certain experience to be eligible for such a respectable designation.

For running a fitness chain all over the world, you need to start with training yourself, gathering business acumen and then establishing your value propositions and USPs. Success will never fall on your lap one fine day, neither do opportunities always knock. It’s all about the perseverance and determination that leads to success. And the larger the success, the more will be the smaller victories.

Why to have smaller goals?

Just like a firm comprises of different departments like Finance, Marketing, HR etc and those are equally noteworthy, a long term goal is also made of smaller milestones which are equally significant. Achieving the major goal without accomplishing the smaller, may be easily achievable, goals is impossible. Celebrating success of smaller goals not only help in going ahead, but also boosts team morale, individual motivation and winning spirit. Long term goals may be ambiguous at times.

Hence it is advisable to segregate it into smaller ones which would be measurable, achievable and timely. Setting a deadline, working on a smaller goal and reviewing and further improvising the same is necessary for targeting something bigger.

Add metrics to every aspect

In today’s world, aspects which are not measurable hold least value. Hence it is imperative to add metrics to every aspect we are working on. Similarly, long term mission can only be measured through short term missions and goals. Once they are achieved, we may get assured that long term mission is closer.

To conclude, there are three major reasons why one should celebrate small victories: it certainly makes you happy that you have achieved this much. The happiness keeps you going ahead. It also motivates you to dream bigger and not let things go on their own. Lastly it develops a sense of confidence in you which further nurtures the grit and determination indispensible for achieving bigger goal.