There should be self interest in every relationship


Seeing some 23-year old throwing regular tantrums while going for a wedding or family get-together is so common nowadays. Although his/her parents may try to lure with the fact that cousins and relatives would be there, but sometimes it’s really difficult to convince.

Apart from blood relations, there are plenty of other relationships like uncles and aunties in our families who usually appear during weddings and other occasions. A few would be there whom you are always meeting for the first time and a few would be there who are known faces but still strangers.

But are they actually our family? Or extended family in that case?

People with whom we can share our blood, thoughts, feelings

Whom do we call family as a matter of fact? Traditionally the people with whom we can share our blood, thoughts, feelings and personal relationships are our family. Today in the 21st century family is not restrained to that. It’s the person with whom we can deal financially or do business transactions is our family.

Doing business with an individual needs trust and faith, which is way more essential than just sharing a blood relation with someone whom you get to see only on Diwalis in a year. Technically they may be part of your family and you may show the entire world how big is your family, staying in different part of the world. But does the proximity in relationship exist with them? You may visit the UK and stay with one of your ‘relatives’, but how about doing monetary transactions and business dealing with the same people? Can you do so?

If yes, then they are your family and if no, then you are better off without them.

Personal relationship may grow from business dealings

The clients you meet during business meets are no less than your extended family. Business tie-ups or relationships are no less than the so called traditional family. Here you can trust the individual for a long-term bonding. And personal relationship may grow from business dealings, which is the best bond ever!

The person you are giving money to invest and return you with a lucrative interest is someone you trust more than yourself perhaps. Your gut feeling and faith on him are the only support you have then. There is no blood relation or uncle-aunty excuses here. It’s purely monetary and based on self-interest.

Relationship which is based on self-interest

Hence the best relationship is the one which is based on self-interest. Apparently it may seem to be selfish or self-centered. But what’s the point of having a bunch of relatives whom you cannot trust or give a handful of money? If there is no trust and faith, there is no long term relationship and hence no family! It may sound naïve, but the faith grows when you have self-interest or may be ulterior motive to be benefitted somehow.

So, the first thing to be a successful entrepreneur is to chop off the so-called relatives who turn up only on a handful of occasions. Next step would be to assess the people who can be business partners or associates and treat and respect them like a family or extended family.