You are much more than the job that you do


Everybody wants to be successful; it is a human being’s natural driven motivation to excel in everything that he or she does.

So how do you define success? According to the World Wide Web, it is the accomplishment of an aim or goal.

We equate a job well done with the money if working. Personal satisfaction comes later on. Money is something everybody wants and needs and money is usually always associated with success.

Levels of satisfaction have drastically decreased

In the earlier years, people were happy with what they did and what they earned. But now, people are becoming more aware, they are realizing the potential in themselves and the need to be recognized for doing a job well.

Levels of satisfaction have drastically decreased over the past ten years and it is all due to the continuous evolution of the human species.

“What you do is not who you are.”

Let us take a moment to re-read and re-evaluate that sentence. You are much more than the job that you do right now, and your sense of worth is so much more than what you earn right now. You could be a janitor or a CEO working in the same company; everybody’s measure of success is different.

Once you begin to make that connection

Once you begin to realize that, once you begin to make that connection, your self-esteem increases. And this, in turn, increases your confidence, therefore, pushing you harder to do even better than what you currently are.

Success and growth are mostly synonymous with each other. But it has never been comfortable. In order to grow and succeed, you have to remove yourself from your comfort zone.

The real job of a leader is never to motivate anyone. What am I talking about? Read on;

The real work of a leader is to invite those around him on a journey of self-motivation; to find out about themselves, to discover themselves; all while following the leader.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the job of a person in charge.

Success is difficult, it is inconvenient

Success is difficult, it is inconvenient, it is complicated it is not easy to achieve. Had it been the opposite, everybody would have been successful.

It all depends on you, how much you are willing to be inconvenienced, how much you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone to achieve that level of success that you need.

No one can hand out success to us on a silver platter; it just doesn’t work that way. We have to set goals, aims, and targets and have to go out of our way to achieve them and get them done.