3 bad advice we give to kids. And how to rectify them


Every parent wants their kid(s) to be successful in whatever career path they choose to go into. So kids are taught, from a young age, certain life lessons, which get embedded in the back of their mind. This life advice stays with them and shapes them into the individuals they grow into.

Many books offer various theories on how to raise successful children, but most of these said suppositions are short term than long term solutions. Meaning, short term results eventually lead to burn-outs, therefore, making a child less successful than what he is capable of.

Of course, most parents are oblivious to these facts, most of them teaching their kids what was taught to them by their parent. But this article helps you modify those life lessons into essential advice pieces that will mold your child into the thriving individual that you wish for him or her to become.

  1. “Focus on the future. Keep your eyes on the prize.”

Instead of this, “Live in the moment” is a much better piece of advice. Why?

Staying focused is an exhausting task. And even more so for children. The human brain is not capable of focusing on a given task or subject for more than half an hour. Our minds tend to wander. And this wandering leads to thoughts about the future which in turn can lead to stress, anger or brooding.

Children feel happier living in the moment. Of course, being focused on getting good grades is fundamental, but not to the extent of stress which has serious long term complications.

Make sure you help your kid(s) focus on the task at hand as this makes them more productive, rather than supporting them on their to-do list.

  1. “Keep pushing yourself. Stress is always going to be a part of your life.”

Instead, make sure your kid(s) learn to take a deep breath and relax. Chill out. Adults in stressful situations take sleep medication or even take anxiety meds. While all this is still acceptable, this sort of lifestyle isn’t something that we would wish for our children.

Teach them how to face stressful situations with a calm mind and always take a more organic route in response to stress such as deep breathing exercises or even yoga and meditation.

3.  “Keep yourself busy.”

Instead, “Have fun doing nothing.” This is a piece of advice all parents should embed in their children. Even extracurricular activities have tight schedules, of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but there should be a time of the day allocated to just relax; sit around and do nothing.

Kids today are already over-burdened with their education and now even their leisure is scheduled; from dance to music lessons to sports and crafts. Give children space to breathe. A study indicates that ideas come up at times when we are not focused on something. Make sure your kid(s) have time to themselves; reading a book, taking the dog for a walk or even simply lying under the shade of a tree. This will make them feel happy; just being, rather than doing.

Parenting is always filled with ups and downs and you will make several mistakes every day. It’s how you learn from your errors and overcome them to give your child the best that he or she deserves is what makes you a better parent every day.