What you consider to be a success today may be a chore tomorrow


Success is a way of life. It is your outlook, how you go about your daily tasks and how your mind perceives what it comprehends. Hence, success can also be a discipline. Try not to make it into a chore.

Although everybody wants success, rarely do people actually end up doing and accomplishing their goals to earn it. A large majority of the population moan about not having enough money or a successful career, and at the same time end up doing nothing to resolve their issue.

The common phrase ‘The path to success is filled with failure” is often overheard and simply put, it cannot be truer. People usually encounter the first obstacle in their path and therefore attaining success is labeled as a chore in their minds.

On the other hand, if you’ve attained your version of success and are happy where you currently are in life, then good for you. You’ve worked hard to achieve your dream and are now enjoying the fruits of your labor. But it is always better to be cautious. Success is fickle. It can easily escape your grasp. Every day should be a day where you take another step towards a goal or an aim.

Which successes will help us

Sometimes, you may acknowledge that the accomplishment of a particular objective will end up having a good result, but in reality, it may not. So how do we realize which successes will help us and which might be a chore?

This is how you will know if your type of success will end up being a chore for you in the coming future:

  1. Goals via a shortcut method

It has happened on multiple occasions that often, people try to achieve their goals in order to be successful via a shortcut method. This is done without obeying their conscience and may end up sacrificing the relationship bonds between their family and friend. All this just to get to the top. Of course, they will end up being successful, but what have they achieved in the long term in terms of personal goals? No friends and no family will end up in loneliness.

  1. Measured by fame and recognition

Success is often measured by the fame and recognition one gets, the fortune amassed as well as the power one has. But in the long run, none of this is good for any human being. If these are your only goals, then your success will become a chore for you in the long run. While fame and fortune are great, health and happiness are even greater. And very often, these two factors are pushed aside for the search of material gain.

Money cannot buy happiness. This phrase has been used time and again and cannot be truer. While money does provide financial stability; family, health, and happiness should be your priority in life. With these goals in mind, rest assured that all your other material goals and aims will help you succeed in life.