Future jobs will be those which robots can’t do


The science fiction genre, be it movies or books has always filled us with a rush of adrenaline. It’s thrilling, scary and makes us wonder, will robots really take over? Will artificial intelligence become a reality?

So what about human beings? What about their sources of income if the jobs are outsourced to these machines? How will the human race prosper and move forward?

So many questions, but very little answers.  Read on to find out what Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist has to say.

Robots have very bad eyesight

According to him, robots have very bad eyesight. Now, this may sound a little skeptical, but it is what it is. These machines are able to recognize shapes and lines; but on the other hand, faces, cups or even chairs aren’t possible. How is that possible you ask? They cannot comprehend the idea that these lines and shapes contribute to something bigger or make up a certain object.

Pattern recognition is one of the biggest challenged that these robots face and the solution is yet to be figured out.

Don’t understand that water is wet

Here’s another disadvantage for artificial intelligence; they are incapable of understanding common sense. And this includes the simplest of the simple behavioral tricks of human beings.  Even basic things, like water is wet, strings are meant to be pulled and not pushed, cannot be understood by these machines.

So what jobs are in danger? Which industries are at risk?

Jobs that involve repetition

Among the case of blue collar jobs, those that involve repetition, these are going to be wiped out. And these include automobile as well as the textile industries. In the same line of work, those in the non-repetitive filed, such as sanitation workers, garbage collectors, gardeners, policemen and construction workers; these jobs are safe and in fact, will thrive in the future.

White collar job, on the other hand, challenges common sense. So those people who work as middlemen, low-level accountants, bookkeepers as well as agents and tellers of banks, their jobs are going to be affected.

Middlemen are usually who cause the friction of capitalism. So those who will be benefited in the white-collar domain are those workers who take on intellectual capitalism.

Everything related to common sense

Intellectual capitalism involves everything related to common sense. In other words, creativity, imagination, leadership, analytical skills or even telling a joke, writing a sentence or doing basic science. Maybe even drafting out the script of a movie or writing the next best seller of the New York Times.

In the words of Tony Blair, “We are moving from a commodity-based capital like coal to an intellectually based capital like rock and roll.”  This phrase was said because England managed to get more revenue from rock concerts than the coal industry.

So, there you go, moving forward, there are certain jobs that are at risk while others will continue to flourish. It is up to you to think bigger, be it the major that you are going to study or the business that you are planning to build.