Monday, September 25, 2017

Beyond Business

Beyond Business – Everything has an inspiring story to tell

“The most interesting of men are those who have faced failures in life and have gotten up again and again and achieved their dreams, because whatever they do as a hobby, write, sing or draw…everything has an inspiring story to tell.” – Anonymous

Beyond business, meet Sachin Mittal, the writer, the poet and the inspirational speaker. As a person, Sachin has seen a lot, faced a lot, been in terrible lows and achieved great heights, all of which have made him a keen observer. All his writings and talks are based on his vast experience, not only of his industry per se but life in general, about what success truly is and how it should be achieved amidst various life’s hurdles, ups and downs without letting go and without losing focus. His writings reflect the in-depth knowledge gained through years of experience and his inspiring poetry reverbs with the essence of aspirations delicately woven into beautiful words about life and dreams.

Sachin as a poet

Sachin as a poet

In his spare time Sachin likes to write poetry and has a social media platform called ‘Sachin’s Jashn e Alfaz’ where he publishes his verses. Through his poetry he tries to instill the seed of aspiration in the min... read more

Sachin as a writer

Sachin as a writer

In 2010 Sachin put all his experience, his entire knowledge of real estate into a magazine and launched it calling it the ‘Property Observer’. Becoming the magazine’s editor, he adopted unconventional and more

Sachin as an inspirator to new entrepreneurs

Sachin as an inspirator to new entrepreneurs

Sachin defines success as not just wealth creation for self but for others and believes that he is in the profession to make people happy. He strives to generate employment and has been the turning point for thousands of.... read more



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