Saturday, May 8, 2021

Finance – One of the leading private financiers in the country

Someone has rightly said that earning money is easy but Sachin Mittal has gone one step ahead and taken it to an art form

Finance is a simple task of providing the necessary funds (money) required by the business of entities like companies, firms, individuals and others on the terms that are most favourable to achieve their economic objectives.

From the very beginning of his career he has been involved in the finance sector. The main portfolios he handled were those of disbursing personal loans, home loans, business loans, SME loans and much more.

Sachin and his group are  one of the leading private financiers in the country with a Rs 500 crore portfolio of investors.

Areas of Finance in which Sachin Mittal is involved:

Personal loans

A personal loan is a finance which meets up your personal expenses like family vacation, a household appliance or your child’s education.

If you need money in a hurry

Personal loans are best if you need money in a hurry without having to go through a tedious and time-consuming process. Personal loans are available for periods of less than 24 hours also. Fill up the forms, go through minimum formalities and the money will be with you.

Being multipurpose loans, personal loans can be used to meet several needs ranging from travel expenses, medical expenses , purchasing the latest jewellery to electronic gizmos or even house/car improvements.

Greatest advantage of personal loans is no collateral security is required.

Home loans

The necessary amount which you require to buy the home of your dreams, the home loans come at affordable interest rates at which you can borrow them.

Attractive capital appreciation

The biggest argument in favour of taking a home loan is the prospect of attractive capital appreciation. As it is a long-term loan the interest rates may go through several ups and downs. You can be sure of benefiting from low rates at some point of time.

SME loans

Loans required to start up a small and medium enterprise are called as SME loans, these kinds of loans are provided by us and have gained massive demand in the recent years.

Loans can also be categorized under secured loans, unsecured loans and some more.

Engine of India’s economy

SMEs are the engine of India’s economy. They are a central part of the economic development model in the emerging economies like India, and they play a significant part in fuelling growth, innovation and prosperity. Despite all the positive development happening in this sector, there is still a huge demand supply gap and the sector is plagued by numerous challenges, such as:

  • Availability of timely and affordable credit
  • Inadequate capital infusion and delayed payments from large corporates and PSU’s leading to working capital gaps
  • Restricted access to organized finance.

Traditionally banks have been the largest source of funds for the SMEs. Banks in India have had a conservative ecosystem, being risk averse and credit has primarily been extended against collateral.



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