Sachin as an inspirator to new entrepreneurs

Sachin defines success as not just wealth creation for self but for others and believes that he is in the profession to make people happy. He strives to generate employment and has been the turning point for thousands of lives. His way of life and work and his motivating lines benefit all his employees, stakeholders and hundreds of youngsters and inspire an ordinary person to strive to become extraordinary.

10 Ways Entrepreneurs make it Big Quickly

By Sachin Mittal

We often think that successful entrepreneurs are gifted people who are born with a set of skills far from the reach of commoners, and that they are destined to make it big in the world. In reality, they are people who are simply more focused about certain aspects of life. Here are 10 ways that entrepreneurs make it big quickly:

  1. Have a vision: Instead of dreaming about being successful, develop a concrete vision of how you want to make it big. What is it that you could make, or build, or sell, or organise that could take you to a height? Where ordinary people see a school science project, people with vision see the next big invention; where ordinary people see a useless plot of land, entrepreneurs see the next lucrative investment; when everyone is cursing the economy, entrepreneurs scout the market for potential prospects. The stronger your vision, the better the scope of making it big. If you don’t have an original idea yet, study and think hard until you find one.
  1. Be good at it: Most successful entrepreneurs started out with the intention of being the best at what they were doing. The rest took care of itself. Strive to be good at what you choose as your field of operation, and do not compromise with it – you won’t have to run after the material gains, they will run after you. Be passionate about what you believe will help you make it big.
  1. Form a team: The vision may come from one person, but it takes a group of like-minded people to create and sustain something. You may be the captain of your ship, but you need a loyal crew to steer the ship forward. Make strong bonds with people who share your vision and take care of them if you feel that they will stay with you through thick and thin. Don’t look down upon them, and you will have their respect.
  1. Immerse yourself in a positive environment: If you want to be the next big thing, you don’t have the luxury to laze around. Remove yourself from non-productive environments, like lazy friends who make you idle, or jobs that make you stagnate and kill your creativity.
  1. Embrace your mistakes: There isn’t a single successful individual on earth who has had a totally smooth journey. If you haven’t tasted the bitter brunt of failure, you are not a complete human being. No matter how clever you are, life will put you down somehow. Be prepared to pick yourself up when you fall, and use the pain of failure to your advantage. Your mistakes teach you important lessons; they harden you and make you wiser.
  1. Assimilate talent: You’re not the smartest person in the world, and you can’t know and do everything. Don’t feel intimidated by someone who does something better than you. Instead of driving them away, assume the role of a motivator and use their talent to serve your bigger goals. Teach yourself to work harmoniously and effectively with people of different skill levels.
  1. Networking is everything: Don’t expect people to know you just because you are doing good work. You have to reach out to make yourself known. Connect with all strata of people by networking horizontally and vertically.
  2. Focus on raising capital: Most great entrepreneurs agree that raising capital is much more difficult in practice than in theory. Form effective schemes to raise capital, and then spend wisely.
  1. Be prepared for the long journey: Steve Jobs famously said, “Most overnight successes took a long time.” The plain truth is, nothing happens overnight. It will take time and energy for your dream to become reality, and it will be a bumpy ride.
  1. Know your industry, know your customer: Don’t try to make quick money by investing in something that you don’t know much about. You must have detailed, firsthand knowledge and experience in the business that you want to dive in. Be sure of the demographic of your customer base, their needs, their tastes and choices before you try to make it big.

Inculcate these 10 traits above and you are definitely on your way to making it big!

Starting your own company is one of the biggest challenges, but you will never ever regret it

By Sachin Mittal

Entrepreneurs are creators …individuals who think of an idea and then bring that to life! We create. We inspire. We take risks and we live our passions. Think about Facebook, the global social networking site…or let’s say Uber, the on demand car service, both of which not only made themselves into billion dollar companies but also facilitated creation of other industries from that sole spark of an idea. Post the on demand car service popularity, a plethora of on demand services are now at our disposal, starting from learning and tutoring apps to dog walking apps.

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” – Anonymous

The above saying is so true. The resources in terms of time, money and effort that you devote to your startup would be definitely drastic, however the payoff later shall be immense.

If I talk about my own startup, a humble beginning for an individual coming from a rural background with just a few years’ experience in the financial and real estate industries, it was a memorable time. A young me, thriving with the relief of finally understanding what I want to do with my life and the burning passion of creating something and making it grow. I was enthusiastic to put in all the experience I had then, forever ready to learn, and couldn’t wait to see other people use the offerings that I planned to provide. Now that my company has grown, it motivates me to see so many people getting employed and creating something worthwhile. Success to me has always been that…not just to create wealth for myself but to generate work for others, and together create something bigger than any of us.

Figuring out your own vision early

For an entrepreneur, figuring out your own vision early is perhaps the first most crucial step. That puts you on the right direction and makes you waste less of your lifetime in things which you are not meant to do. Secondly, once you have started off, the next crucial thing is to grasp the bigger picture of things. Where to reach and what all can be delivered. This scales up your startup and thereby attracts potential investors.

Undoubtedly, starting your own company is one of the toughest challenges of your life, but you will never ever regret it. Reasons? Here are my top four:

  1. Fulfillment:

Every time I see an employee of mine going on a holiday with family or admitting his child to school, all with the salary he gets from my company, it makes me happy and gives a strange kind of a satisfaction, that comes from doing something good for others. When I see people using my products and services online, it fills me with fulfillment. People think that the main driver behind everything is money, but I feel the coolest thing about being an entrepreneur is the fulfillment you feel when you see other people using what you have created.

  1. Personality:

I have never met or heard about an entrepreneur who does not use the product or service he himself has created. Usually entrepreneurs create things that are in line with their own personalities,that primarily caters to their own personality needs. So in essence, being an entrepreneur enables you to create something for yourself and then share it with the world.

  1. Freedom:

Definitely one of the most crucial things that would never let you regret being an entrepreneur – your freedom! Yes, simply because there is absolutely nothing like having control on your own time, and not having to force yourself to do things or be someone just because the clock on your table says its 9! Entrepreneurs are flexible to work wherever and whenever they want to.

  1. Value:

There exists a strange satisfaction in creating value in this chaotic world. A sense of value creation when you go beyond doing something for yourself and enjoy the pleasure of being able to provide for others by generating employment. Moreover, apart from the job creation aspect, when you are able to buy what your business needs or when other organizations use your offering to create something of theirs, all this gives fulfillment about having created value in some way.

Unlike all others, who walk on roads created by others, amidst or behind the crowd, entrepreneurship is all about paving the road yourself in an unknown territory for the first time and creating a path that everyone else follows. You will have highs and lows, ups and downs, but nothing can compare to the feelings of being an entrepreneur. It’s something I would never trade with anything in the world! Focus on your vision and you will never regret about anything ever!

Entrepreneurs need to keep updating their style of leadership

By Sachin Mittal

Businesses may boom overnight but one thing’s for sure, they are not born overnight. There are various stages of development in a startup. These stages require making the right decisions, being a clear-headed leader, emerging to be adept at understanding the scenario and taking action immediately. We come across what I like to call ‘rule-book leadership’ amongst managers i.e. leading means delegating tasks, asking for reports, administering a department. Entrepreneurs are faced with a fresh challenge everyday which requires them to keep updating their style of leadership to adapt to situations! Experiment, experiment!

When thought about technically, Leadership is all about action. We forget that leadership itself is an abstraction- it is what we assign to it, it is not what we don’t assign to it.

Experimental leadership does not imply whacky, whimsical leadership. It is in fact a process of trial and error, taking after combinations of what works, when, where and how. Before you step into experiments, analyze whether you are fundamentally on the right path! Assess yourself!

Do You Communicate Well?

If you believe communication encompasses only the written and spoken word, you are far removed from the definition of a successful entrepreneur. Communications can be non-verbal as well. Words count but so do your gestures. It’s only when appreciation is followed by a warm handshake and a pat on the back does it feel truly authentic! The right posture can project the confidence required to lead. All eyes are on the leader, so your judgment of words can make or break you. Above all, it’s about communicating smart and effective.

Do You Have Decision-Making Ability?

Since Entrepreneurs have no bosses themselves, newbies are often found directionless as there seems to be so many decisions, and so little ability to make up one’s mind! Top skills for decision-making are rationality, situational thinking and instinct. Sometimes spontaneity kicks in, and playing it by the gut is surely an added bonus. Do you belong to the creed who procrastinate on big decisions? If yes, you know what needs to change.

Do You Maintain Consistency?

One of the main things about leaders is trust; they become members of their community entrusted with tasks and welfare, among others. But what makes leaders trustworthy? Definitely their consistency does. It is a deal-breaker if you conduct yourself on the basis of which side of the bed you woke up to. If fickle, it can make people un-sing their praises for your leadership ability. You must build an image of yourself, something that feels both ideal and authentic. The challenge thereafter is to maintain it. Show support and reiterate your values and beliefs, thoughts, actions and intentions.

Do You Add Value to Society?

“I’m so glad that you chose me to add value to your time today, Thanks for being there.” I heard a keynote speaker sign off in this rather humble manner. But truth be told, that is the unspoken agenda of the speech. And of other speeches, and interactions with people! You must express the style of leadership you choose- Autocratic?    Directive? Mentoring? Democratic?  Assert yourself and make an impression today.

Transforming ideas and blueprints into workable, real life enterprises are a true challenge. Up your game by strengthening your fundamentals in leadership for a wholesome startup experience. Go, be a go-getter. Lead from the front.


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