Thursday, May 6, 2021

Beliefs – Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way

Beliefs which define his way of work

Sachin Mittal, the successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur, has some core beliefs when it comes to the work place, those which define his way of work, style of leadership and his decision making tenets. Primarily, Sachin believes in the dynamism of everyday existence. He believes that all plans should be dynamic and all activities and the execution of the same should essentially be characterized by vigorous activity and progress.

“I believe all plans should be dynamic and they should constantly evolve. The days of the five year plans are over. In today’s fast paced times, one needs to be constantly on the move, be ahead of things, update oneself in order to keep up to the changing times and progress farther. It is the sole way to predict the future as accurately as possible” – Sachin

True to his words, Sachin had always kept pace with the industry trends and could feel the pulse of what was needed and what would be in demand in the market. He had seen a bright future in theonline spectrum. It was why he had ventured into sectors which he thought were most relevant, such as e-commerce, e-business, aggregation of banking services and the like.

Believes in the uniqueness of things

Secondly, Sachin believes in the uniqueness of things. He believes in doing ordinary things but in a slightly extraordinary way that goes on to make all the difference. He has the gift or the ability to think differently and has the courage to go down a different path, and more often than not, this is what makes the big difference.

For example, loan giving is a common activity and there are numerous bodies that provide loan to people and have a website for it. However, RupeeLend (, one of Sachin’s initiatives, is conceptualized wholly on a new and different foundation altogether. In the case of RupeeLend, loan giving becomes almost a social responsibility, a noble deed, since the site gives loans to individuals and small businesses when they need small loans for short periods of time. It is because of RupeeLend that people do not have to go to loan sharks or get rejected by banks on the grounds of illegibility.

Working together to reach one goal

Thirdly, Sachin never believes in the employer-employee differentiation that is otherwise so prevalent elsewhere. His definition of success is not just wealth and progress for self but also for others, hence, it is not that a number of people are working for him but more like a number of people working together to reach one goal.

“I do not believe one should respect people for their hierarchy at workplace. People should be respected for who they are and what they can do, their thought process, their planning and execution skills. To me everyone is equal and all of us are working together to reach a certain goal, which should be bigger than what any of us would have been able to achieve alone. I respect all who give their skills to the cause, their labour to set up a business.”– Sachin

Other People’s Time and Other People’s Money

Lastly, the two aspects that drive all of Sachin’s decisions and actions are – Other People’s Time (OPT) and Other People’s Money (OPM). Sachin believes that when an individual gives a little of his own crucial resources – time or money, to you, that has to be respected for what it’s worth. This is the core understanding and objective behind how Sachin works and what he plans.

“When a person is visiting your website, he is giving his time, when he is purchasing something from it, he is giving you money, and these two together, OPT and OPM should always be respected. It is my core belief, that one needs to be ready to move the world for honouring these two things. If someone is giving me his time and money, the best of the best quality of product and service, infact the entire experience is something that he deserves and we should do everything in our power to provide him that. That’s the core philosophy behind all my business delivery models.”

So what is Sachin Mittal’s goal at the workplace? In his own words, said with a bright spark in his eyes “To do something constructive everyday. Goals will always keep evolving.

Many a twist and turn, many ups and downs

In Sachin’s journey from being a confused youngster working as a loan agent to being a successful entrepreneur who own five businesses, there had existed many a twist and turn, many ups and downs through which he had clearly emerged as a winner. But what was this winning journey charted on? What had been the demands that he had from life, the demands that life had from him, the principles he had, abiding by which he progressed to where he is today? What did he really believe in? In Sachin’s own words…

“I have observed that most people believe that hard work and honesty will bring riches, but according to me this is not true at all. Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands, based upon the application of definite principles, and not by chance or luck.”

If we dissect his saying against his own journey, we will find it to be true. If Sachin had gone on to do hard work during his engineering course, he would have merely become an engineer. Not that one should not work hard and leave what they are doing but he / she should have set principles in his / her life. So what had been Sachin’s demand in response to which riches came to him? What were his principles?

Sachin’s Demand…

Sachin’s demand in life has always been success, like everyone else, but the difference was in how he defined that. Unlike most of the others, to whom success only meant completing or getting ahead in what they are currently doing, for example, completing a degree or getting a job, or doing well in the job, Sachin had always demanded success in a different sort of a way. He demanded that success which made not only him but others successful too. He demanded that success which not only made riches but gave a sense of fulfillment. A success that not only made money but generated employment.

His principles

There are two principles in Sachin’s life that he has always abided by, wherever he was in life and whatever profession he had been in. These two are – respecting OPT & respecting OPM, namely, Other People’s Time and Other People’s Money. All his actions, behaviours, plans etc have always been and will always be decided in a way that maximum respect can be given to these two.

When he was a loan agent he tried to make the most for people who gave time to listen to him. As an entrepreneur now, he is guided by the same principles. His aim is to provide the maximum to people who spend time on his ventures or who spend money and buy his company’s products and services.

Sachin’s journey and success prove that success is always a function of definite demands and the application of a definite set of principles, never by chance or luck.



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