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Business – A clear vision of the future

Mad About Money – Financial education with a difference

Continuing his relentless drive for implementing new ideas Sachin set up a magazine called Mad About Money, a monthly magazine which aims to make financial freedom a reality through interactive media and personal and group connect. It is about developing a mindset apart from the general mindset – A mindset which has made the rich rich and left the poor to remain poor.

Sachin believes in self-developmental education, financial know-how and aspirational entrepreneurial education to be the pillars of a person’s success as well as the economy and in this regard he has always worked towards bringing out educational materials and magazines that are reader-centric ready reckoners and guides for difficult topics such as real estate, finances, etc.

His latest unique financial education initiative ‘Mad About Money’, is a monthly online as well as print magazine that seeks to address the mindset change needed for people to become successful and rich in life. The ‘Mad about Money’ publication is a well-researched, creatively written, common man reader-friendly guide towards everything about finance. It is that kind of financial education which is not taught in schools. Its core value proposition lies in its aim to motivate young people and the common man towards healthy financial planning and mindset change towards entrepreneurship and healthy saving for a better and economically healthier future.

All of us since childhood have heard how important money is and we run after it our entire lives only to be somehow always being burdened by the lack of it…all the time…for everyone. This magazine would be of an attitude-changing nature in an educational format which would motivate the common man to rethink the way they think about money, so as to rework on their own financial planning and management aspects. The seed of entrepreneurship shall be sown and the way towards thinking of ‘creation’ instead of just ‘following’, and attaining ‘prosperity and well-being’ replacing ‘mediocrity in life’ shall be laid.

Sachin will continue his efforts to educate people about the tips & tricks towards complete Financial Freedom!

Avenues through which he plans to do it are:
Books for schools/colleges

Mad About Money – the revolutionary way to get rich!

Peak performer, business leader, role model

Not only is he heading an array of e-commerce and e-business portals, and is a major force in the real estate and financial segments, he is constantly looking for more in order to give consumers the best experience possible.All these are imbibed in a man who not only faced the curveballs of life, but thrived in them. Etched as one of India’s most successful young achievers, Sachin Mittal has already created a legacy of his own. His success story is a passionate tale of a man who created history by taking chances when most would not, stepping the game up, when most would take a step back.

“My only wish is not to die as a commoner who has only provided for himself and his family all his life. I want to be more, create more and give more. My definition of success is not just wealth accumulation, but wealth generation for self and others and I would like to believe that my sole profession is to make people happy.” – Sachin Mittal

Sachin is a peak performer because he lives the life consistent with his deepest convictions and highest values. He has a clear vision of the future which is infinitely better than what it is now.

“I stepped the game up when most would take a step back.”

What distinguishes him from the rest? He gets things done, He doesn’t do things for media attention. He does because it is the right thing to do. Neither criticism nor fame is important to him.He has achieved success because of steadfast ambition and a clear vision of the future. What distinguishes him from the rest? He gets things done, He doesn’t do things for media attention. He does because it is the right thing to do. Neither criticism nor fame is important to him.
Firmly riding on the ship of success, Sachin Mittal has transformed every challenge that came his way into huge success. His tale of unrelenting pursuit of goal, despite success, is truly motivating for all future entrepreneurs.

‘I don’t live in my past anymore’

By Sachin Mittal

The rural boy from a village Hindi medium school who is now a successful entrepreneur, owing multiple businesses and changing the face of the Indian ecommerce industry, has achieved a lot in his life’s journey till now. He is a living example of the fact that success meets those who don’t live in their past anymore and march ahead to embrace it with open arms.

“Every human being makes mistakes and blunders in his or her life. It is how they fix up all the mess and get out of it with the right attitude and enthusiasm is what makes a person successful. Usually people make the mistake of judging a person by his past blunders. But I choose to differ. I believe that only those who have faced failures and have come out of it with learning are made of the mettle for greater success.” – Sachin

What Sachin means from the above quote can be clearly understood from his own experiences in life. If we look at his younger days, he hailed from a village where his father ran a store and he went to an ordinary Hindi medium school. That was his past. Do you think he is still living in it? Answer is a big NO.  Sachin came to the city and started studying Engineering, his first step in unshackling the chains of his past and moving ahead in life for the better.

Never saw himself being a part of the corporate 9-5 rat race

Coming to his engineering days, he left his degree in its final year since he never saw himself being a part of the corporate 9-5 rat race like everyone else.  He took the bold step of leaving it all in order to do something different. Needless to say, the particular time had been extremely chaotic for him. He suffered from self-doubt and confusion, not knowing the right path for himself. Moreover, his family didn’t take this well and many must have thought that to be a blunder and judged him on the basis of that.

But he proved everyone wrong when he came out of that phase and became a very successful loan agent, the best performer amidst hundreds and infact ended up being bigger than the bank itself.

Even after being so much successful, Sachin again faced failure when his friend dishonoured a huge loan amount and Sachin had to sell off his property to pay it back, getting blacklisted from the bank in the process.

Sachin again faced failure

For many, this would have been such a crude shock that they might never have been able to get out of the trauma. But it was only because Sachin is a man of the moment who doesn’t live in his past, was he able to again shrug off the problems and look for a new way forward and got it through launching the real estate magazine, Property Observer,  and later making it a runaway success through innovation and sheer hard work.

“It was definitely a very difficult time for me but I accepted the incident to be a great learning experience. I always believed that to be successful, one has to go through a lot of failures and I told myself again and again that this set back is a lesson to teach me things that I would need to know in my later path to success. I forced myself to believe that such dark days could only mean that there is bright light in the future and I just had to be determined and focus on my aim…” – Sachin

After Sachin sold off his magazine in 2013 he became unemployed for a brief period again, however this time it was different. He was not confused anymore and the seed of entrepreneurship was sown inside him and he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

Currently, a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur, Sachin Mittal is a well-known name in the fields of Credit, Finance, Real Estate, E-Commerce and Retail, proving beyond doubt that success comes to those who choose not live in their past anymore and has what it takes to move ahead.

I am in the profession to make people happy

By Sachin Mittal

I believe I’m in the profession to make people happy. By creating employment, creating new opportunities, making people grow…and changing their lives.

Since I was a youngster I had difficulty in defining success. I didn’t exactly know what kind of success I yearned for but I slowly figured out the ones I did not. For example, I wanted to be rich but somehow I didn’t want to be like everyone else and run after jobs. When I dreamt of myself as a successful man, I did not necessarily think of myself as a very rich man with a luxurious house and car. There was something more to it, something else.

Later on, through my experiences in life, both good and specifically the bad ones, I finally figured out what success meant to me. It was never about accumulating wealth for self but being able to generate wealth for others too. Yes, I wanted to be someone who could create jobs and hire people and change their lives. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I wanted to be in the profession of creating employment, changing people’s lives and making people happy.

Our country needs more of entrepreneurs than political leaders

I strongly believe that our country needs more of entrepreneurs, rather than political leaders. Let’s face it, governments always promise to create jobs. In India and in every other developing countries, it is a promise people hear year after year, from the mouths of the political leaders, irrespective of the decade, irrespective of the party, irrespective of the region. But does it ever happen? If it had to happen, it would have, long time back. The reason why governments fail to create millions of jobs as they promise is simply because they cannot create jobs!

The best that any government can do is to hire people on the state run projects. But that does not define as ‘creating employment’, does it? When it comes to creating new jobs which are sustainable and can employ thousands of people, you need entrepreneurs. In short, politicians do not create employment, entrepreneurs do!

The only thing that India or any other developing country needs, to fight the triple threats of poverty, unemployment and inequality is an entrepreneurial revolution. The mindset of the people has to change and in every sphere. Starting from education to law, the aim has to shift from creating the best job seekers to creating the best job creators. Government’s policy should change from creation of jobs to creation of a platform for facilitating growth of job creators who in turn would create a million jobs.

The mantra has to change from running after jobs and making myself happy to creating more jobs and making people happy.



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