Thursday, June 24, 2021

Challenges – Changing the entrepreneur stereotype

Desire to do better today than the day before

To be in business is to be a warrior! To achieve something really big one has to be a warrior! Having spotted and exploited huge opportunities in the online retail and e-business markets, Sachin, with an ever-burning desire to do better today than the day before, continuously invests in time and money to stay one step ahead of the trends. He has the knack of seeing things much before his competitors. And strikes big before others.

“Ours is a go-getter culture where the entrepreneurial spirit is the backbone of our organization.” – Sachin Mittal

Not only is he heading an array of e-commerce and e-business portals, and is a major force in the real estate and financial segments, he is constantly looking for more in order to give consumers the best experience possible.

A new paradigm of entrepreneurship

What is it that sets Sachin apart from the rest of the pack? It is that something which is a bit intangible. It is how he is able to navigate social complexities, manage behavior and take such decisions which yield positive results. It is the combination of personal competence and social competence which sets him apart.

With Sachin Mittal the entrepreneur stereotype has completely changed. He treats his employees as equals. No more shouting at subordinates, no more mid-afternoon whisky, no more stabbing at negotiating tables and no more bitter fights with business rivals. His style of functioning has ushered in a new paradigm of entrepreneurship– caring about the impact his business makes on others and on the world.



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