Learning – Steadfast ambition and a clear vision

Not the story of a prince with inheritance

His journey from being a home loan agent to setting up an NBFC and running a string of successful E-Commerce and E-business ventures is charted on a path of aspirations, hard work and consistent learning and growth with a belief that success is not just acquired wealth, but what one has created from nothing and what that journey has made the person to be.

Sachin’s story is neither a typical rags-to-riches drama, nor the story of a prince with inheritance. It is the inspiring journey of a youngster who embarked on his destined path all by himself with only aspirations as his friend and the will to constantly learn as his sole guide.

Starting from being a fresher home loan agent to becoming the highest loan distributor, from being just another agent to becoming bigger than the bank itself, finally to being a successful entrepreneur who believes in hard work and perseverance against all odds, Sachin Mittal is the modern day successful entrepreneur with the asset of vast experience and the magic touch of true business acumen.

His aim is to create happiness and his model is simple – Envision – Plan – Create

“I refuse to believe that life is tough and challenging. To me, life is fun. My journey started from a very small place and I have gone through very difficult phases in life, but all have been a blessing, an opportunity to learn more and grow to what I am today.”– Sachin Mittal

He has achieved success because of steadfast ambition and a clear vision of the future. What distinguishes him from the rest? He gets things done. He doesn’t do things for media attention. He does because it is the right thing to do. Neither criticism nor fame is important to him

Sachin’s life and work make an optimistic story of what can be achieved, with a vision and the right attitude, combined with risk taking capabilities. Today, his business empire expands from e-commerce to real estate funding and venture capital funding.


The Failure and the Come Back

“Failures come when they are the least expected…like sudden dark clouds looming over the horizon on a bright and sunny day”-Anonymous

For Sachin Mittal, the year 2010 was like that.

At that time, he was at his prime and on a roll disbursing loans amounting to crores when suddenly he faced a major setback in life. During 2008-2009 he had arranged for a loan amounting to Rs. 10 crore to a friend. The friend ultimately failed to honor the loan to the bank. Sachin had to take full responsibility for the default and he sold off his property to repay the loan. He repaid the full amount but because of the unfortunate affair, the bank refused to work further with Sachin. And Sachin was back to being unemployed again.

Over all, if one looks at Sachin’s career curve till now, it will be seen that Sachin’s story is a tale of more failures than successes. Failure has been Sachin’s best teacher and roadmap for success.

“It was definitely a very difficult time for me but I accepted the incident to be a great learning experience. I always believed that to be successful, one has to go through a lot of failures and I told myself again and again that this set back is a lesson to teach me things that I would need to know in my later path to success. I forced myself to believe that such dark days could only mean that there is bright light in the future and I just had to be determined and focus on my aim. I made the decision to set up my own bank one day.”

Post the fiasco, when a confused and slightly disillusioned Sachin was again foraying into unknown territories trying to look for a solid ground to survive on, he ventured into the real estate segment since this was a segment he knew best owing to his home loan background.

Vision to become entrepreneur clearer

But Sachin always had to be unique, tread on a different path, so he put all his experience, his entire knowledge of real estate into a magazine and launched it, calling it the ‘Property Observer’. Becoming the magazine’s publisher and editor, he adopted unconventional and revolutionary techniques and changed the face of the magazine. Apart from getting the magazine together, he also took control of the distribution and ensured that it reached all the bank managers. With adequate advertising support, the magazine was a runaway success! The magazine’s popularity and success reached such an extent that after running it for three years Sachin got an offer to sell it for over crores of rupees and in 2013 he sold the magazine.

“After I sold the magazine in 2013, I became unemployed again for a brief period of time. But this time things were different. I wasn’t confused or disillusioned in any way. The seed of entrepreneurship had been slowly sown inside me and my vision to become an entrepreneur became clearer day by day. I realized that my sole aim in life was to not die as a commoner who only provides for himself and his family. I strived to be more. Success to me was doing something constructive every day and to generate jobs and create wealth for not only myself but thousands of others.”

True to his words Sachin set up his own NBFC in 2015 and is now a successful entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist.

“Success to me was doing something constructive every day and to generate jobs and create wealth not only for myself but thousands of others. “ – Sachin Mittal