Venture capitalists in Delhi

Venture capitalists in Delhi

Venture capitalists in Delhi have been successful in finding and financing new and promising projects of most successful young companies. It is worth noting that venture capital financing is a very difficult function which requires enormous foresight.

For every successful venture capital funded project there are numerous failed projects. Many more venture-backed start-ups fail than succeed.

Growth of non-venture capital led finance

The venture capital funding industry wouldn’t survive without entrepreneurs and when these entrepreneurs deal with venture capitalists in Delhi they feel as if they are in the back seat. Historically only a tiny percentage of start-up entrepreneurs have raised funds through venture capitalists. This is because of the growth of non-venture capital led finance which is more and more availed by entrepreneurs.

Nowadays angel investors and affluent individuals finance many more projects than venture capitalists in Delhi. Crowdfunding is another source of drawing resources by entrepreneurs. This way they raise small amounts from a number of individuals in exchange for non-equity rewards.

Also bring advice and mentoring

Many venture capitalists in Delhi not only offer financing but also bring along with them great advice and mentoring. For start-ups often non-monetary resources are also extremely valuable.

Venture capitalists in Delhi often project themselves as supporters, financiers and even as instigators of innovations. Over time there has been plenty of changes in the venture capital industry. Entrepreneurs have today more choice in funding their enterprises. This brings the entrepreneurs from the back seat to the driver’s seat. With this venture capitalists in Delhi are going into focusing on generating greater returns rather than large fees.